What does a star treat do in bee swarm?

A star treat, when fed to a bee, raises its bond by 1000, along with the bee transforming into its gifted form. They can be bought at the Ticket Tent for 1,000 tickets per star treat, or occasionally in special packs from the Robux Shop. It is the only treat in the game which is guaranteed to turn a bee gifted.

Should I get the Bronze Star amulet?

How good is a bronze star amulet? If you have no amulet, then yes, they are worth it. Star Amulets are likely the most powerful amulets in the entire game. It is definitely worth it to buy one.

What does the gummy star do?

The Gummy Star grows as you collect Goo, granting bonus Goo (up to x4) the larger it gets. After 45s, the Gummy Star pops, scattering Honey Tokens equal to +1.5% per Gifted Colorless Bee Type of the Goo collected and Gumdrops Tokens over the field (increases with goo collected).

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What is a star egg in bee swarm?

Star Egg The Star Egg is a type of egg that hatches into any type of gifted bee that is not already in the player’s hive, aside for gifted Event bees. If the player already has all the different types of gifted bees in their hive besides gifted event bees, the egg will hatch into a random type of gifted bee instead.

What is demon bees favorite food?

Demon Bee’s favorite type of treat is pineapples. Demon Bee likes the Mushroom Field, Strawberry Field, Rose Field, and Spider Field.

What is the best bee to get gifted?

Vicious Bee is considered to be one of the best bees to make gifted first due to its gifted bonus, -15% monster respawn time. This is extremely useful for mob-killing quests.

What does a Bronze Star amulet do?

Wiki Targeted (Games) The Star Amulet is an amulet that can be purchased in five different tiers ( Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Supreme) from machines in the Star Hall. Star Amulets grant buffs to the owner and always increase capacity as they go up a tier. Higher tier amulets grant more and better buffs.

What is a moon amulet?

The Moon Amulet is an amulet created by spending 100 Moon Charms at the Moon Amulet Generator. This amulet gives a few buffs and allows the player to walk on the moon -shaped platforms (located in the Diamond Room and the 30 Bee Zone Obby) at night.

What are the chances of getting a passive from a diamond star amulet?

The diamond amulet has a 1% chance of having either guiding star or star shower. That mean’s its technically a 0.5% chance of getting a good passive, and 0.5% chance of getting a bad one. Just check the article about star amulets.

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How do you morph gummy bears?

You can get the Gummy Mear Morph through activating Gummy Mask’s passive ability and using the expired code “HappyNewYear”.

How do you get gummy morph?

The Gummy Mask is the only mask inside a hidden lair that uses teleportation. This Mask is the only way to get the Gummy Morph ability and the only way to get a Bear Morph ability without Robux and excluding codes. You need either this mask or the Gummy Boots in order to be able to receive Gummy Bear’s Beesmas quest.

What is the best mask in bee swarm?

Shy bees are great for gummy mask or demon mask but they are useless for diamond. To get the most out of your bees, choose the appropriate mask. I voted Demon accidentally, oof. But both Gummy and Diamond are great, which one is better for honey depends, honestly.

What are the chances of getting a mythic bee from a star jelly?

The probabilities are a 70% chance of getting a Rare, 27% chance of getting an Epic, 3% chance of getting a Legendary and a 0.004% (1 in 25,000) chance of getting a Mythic. There is also a 0.4% (1 in 250) chance that using a royal jelly will result in a Gifted Bee.

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