How do you transport logs in Farming Simulator 19?

cut the trees into smaller pieces and load them using a loader or a loader with a crane, cut the trees into firewood and load manually onto any trailer (surprisingly, you’ll earn a lot of money for this type of material) Use a wood chip machine to process all wood and drive the wood chips to a lumber mill.

Where do you sell logs in Farming Simulator?

Use the Jenz HEM583Z to pick up logs from the logging site and process them there. Then dump the chips at the saw mill selling point. This is a good option in terms of transportation, but you have to cut the logs down to 2m or less.

How do you load logs in Farming Simulator 2019?

Cut down a tree, and push it to the chipper with the loader. Cut it into pieces small enough to pick up and start chucking, down to the main log, then pick it up and feed it with a telehandler.

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Where do I sell wood chips in Farming Simulator 19?

In case you haven’t found it yet, there’s a woodchip sell point tucked away at the back of the sawmill that you can access even if you don’t own the sawmill. It looks just like the FS17 woodchip sell point (sort of circular fence full of woodchips, sell point in the entrance). Wood chips are indeed only for selling.

How long does it take for crops to grow in farming simulator 19?

I think on normal (I play on hard difficulty with the crop growth set to normal cause slow takes too long ) it takes about 6 hours per growth stage, which sounds about right cause it takes 18 hours for grass to fully mature (the three different harvest stages) and 30(?) hours for crops like barley and corn to grow.

Can you sell wood in Farming Simulator 2019?

In the game of farming simulator 19, you can do a lot of different actions, for example, buy seeds or a tank for transporting water. Also, you can sell wood chips. You can sell it in a few meter parts; wood chips; firewood and wholesome. In this game, you can cut down every tree, which is in your field or land.

How do you sell tractors in Farming Simulator 19?

Behind a shop you can find a zone where you can sell, repair and modify vehicles. Move any of your vehicles /machinery on the yellow circle. This opens the menu where you can, i.e. sell. This is the only way to sell excessive goods.

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Do trees grow back in Farming Simulator 17?

Re: Forestry – regrowing? trees will not grow back. they have to be replanted. in the forest just remove the stumps then you can replant it.

Is there a auto load log trailer fs19 ps4?

There are no autoload trailers for console, as that would require an usermade script, which in return are not allowed on consoles. You will have to do it the hard way and remove those trees with lag and jittering or start a new savegame.

Can you log on Farming Simulator 19?

Use a log fork, attached to a tractor, to load logs on a trailer. You can also use self-propelled ones. Every front loader has an attachment for picking up logs and trees.

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