How do you change points in Train Sim world?

You need to change the points to switch tracks @bostonrailfan you can do that by click on the points in the game or on the 2D map. Quick Drive mode @bostonrailfan selects the route for you and sets all of the points.

How do you change tracks in Train Simulator?

Press “G” to change the switch ahead and “Shift” (plus) “G” to change the switch behind. F8 will bring up a small movable display window indicating the settings of the next switch ahead and behind the player train.

What is an MU 2A valve?

On the side of the control stand is the MU – 2A valve, that sets up the air rack to receive control signals through the MU system hoses – either to be compatible with Schedule 6 or 26 air brake systems or with older Schedule 24 brake systems.

How do train cars connect?

Railroad coupling, device by which a locomotive is connected to a following car and by which succeeding cars in a train are linked. Later, spring buffers were introduced, with screw couplings that permit two vehicles to be brought together so that buffer faces just touch, giving smooth starts and stops.

How do you unload aggregate?

Just push the wagons slowly (<2mph) over the unload grid, they will unload automatically. In the Map you can see where exactly the unload point is.

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