How do you get the lemon without omelettes in cleaning simulator?

A Lemon Without Omelettes is a achievement you get when you put the i <3. mom mug and limon in the right trash can TAKE OUT THE CASSETTE! When done you will get lucas the lemon Character.

How do you get Chris the cherry in cleaning simulator?

Chris the Cherry can be unlocked by digging up the red X across the street of The Big Fork. You’ll need to acquire the shovel first. It’s on top of a tree next to the outhouse.

How do you get the orange in cleaning simulator?

Unlocking. Oscar the Orange can be unlocked by beating the game with the Tougher Job mode disabled.

Where is the hidden treasure in cleaning simulator?

The Hidden Treasure

  1. Open the door to the outhouse near the janitors shed, ensuring it opens outwards.
  2. Jump on the door, onto the outhouse roof, and across the trees to the tree which has the Shovel [you’ll see a black handle poking out of the tree]
  3. Grab the shovel.
  4. Head towards the parking lot and turn left, do not enter the lot.
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How do you get pepper in cleaning simulator?

Unlocking. To unlock Paige, you must beat the game in under 35 minutes. This will unlock the “World’s Spiciest Janitor ” badge, which will allow you to select Paige the Pepper in character select.

How do you get the blueberry in cleaning simulator?

Berry the Blueberry can be unlocked by finishing the boss fight with the dust cloud. After defeating it, go to the roof. There should be a basketball and a little line there. Grab the basketball and shoot it from there.

What do I do with the lemon in cleaning simulator?

Jump and grab the lemon from that tree. Go to the dumpster to the right of the BRIBBLECO™ Building, next to the pool/basketball court. Put the lemon in the dumpster.

What does lemon badge do in Super Cube cavern?

Overview. The Lemon Badge is a badge that has no purpose whatsoever except for vanity. This badge is only dropped by Badgesquatch.

How do you get the potatoes in cleaning simulator?

In order to unlock Paul, you are required to fully clean the BRIBBLECO™ Building with the Tougher Job mode enabled. The Tougher Job mode has more puddles of water to mop up, and more dirt to clean.

How do you fix a broken arm in cleaning simulator?

One way to fix it is to go onto the road and roll until you get sent back to spawn, then follow your arm to the item that it is pointing to and crouch and try pick it up and stuff. When you drop it, it should be fixed.

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What does the purple broom do in cleaning simulator?

Considered the worst in terms of cleaning. The Purple Spray cleans dirt slowly, reduces your jumping ability, and reduces your walk speed as well. But, as a major upside, you are given the ability to see all dirt patches near you- Wherever you take it.

How do you get the pineapple skin in cleaning simulator?

Pablo the Pineapple can be unlocked by collecting all the cassettes on the BRIBBLECO™ grounds. This includes the cassettes on the roof that are only obtainable after beating Gurms and the dave cassette that’s on top of a tree near the parking lots.

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