Where is the bee in power simulator?

Hivemind is the second boss of the game and can be found in a lair beneath the Ruined Castle.

How do you get the hive gun in power simulator?

This item is given to you when you complete the HiveMind boss fight after that you talk to him and then he gives you the ” Hive Gun ” skill.To get to HiveMind you have to look behind the mountian with the castle and then you should see the HiveMind logo and then go to his cave and he will be there.

Where is the tide master in power simulator?

The Tide Master (Voiced by Tofuu) is an NPC that gives out the “Hunt” quest. The only way to access the Tide Master is to go under the lighthouse and find a cliff and you could explore them. There is also a hole up on the roof to the Tide Master, this hole leads you to a secret lab and the Tide Master is in it.

Where is the ruined castle in power simulator?

The Ruined Castle is located on top of a mountain underneath the Small and Large Island.

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How do you get a swarm ability in power simulator?

This is also a skill that you get after defeating “Hivemind (Boss)” In Order To Use It,Click K.

What is the boss in power simulator?

Hexbit is the first boss (next being HiveMind) in Power Simulator. Players can fight them by entering the rono dude can be activated by collecting 10 keys quest that is given by the Gate Keeper.

How do you get the Trident skill in power simulator?

The Trident doesn’t have a requirement. It can be obtained from one of Tide Master’s quests in a 10% chance. The amount of damage it deals scales with Punch Power. When you are going to receive trident Tide Master mentions a reward for your gallantry.

Is there a 100 million Endurance place in power simulator?

Ice Factory ( 100 endurance ) Dance Club (10k endurance ) Sewer (100k endurance ) Firehouse (1M endurance )

Where do I train my psychic force in power simulator?

To train Psychic Force, the player must select the [ 3 ] key, or select the symbol in the game similar as shown on the right image, and meditate on a training zone they are able to use. Take note that players must be touching the ground, to meditate.

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