Where are the garages in American Truck Simulator?

Garages are a type of facility that can be found in almost every city in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and in some of the larger cities in American Truck Simulator. They can be bought for €180,000/£144,000 in ETS2 and $180,000 in ATS and always include a rest stop.

How do you get more garages on American Truck Simulator?

Upgrading garage To expand your garage (the smallest one into the small one or the small one into the big one) you need to click on “upgrade” button located in the garage manager. Confirm and the garage will be upgraded at once and you will be able to buy new trucks and employ new drivers.

How many drivers can you have in ATS?

In American Truck Simulator, the maximum amount of drivers is 180 out of 340 in the game because of the amount of garages in such large cities.

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How do I get a second garage in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

New garage Each European city you explore offers an empty small garage. To buy it stop at the green € icon and confirm the purchase by paying EUR 180,000. It will become yours immediately.

How do I sell my garage on American Truck Simulator?

If you want to sell that garage, upgrade it to Small or Large first and THEN sell it. That way you will be able to come back a re-purchase the garage later if you want.

How many garages can you have in ets2?

The game offers you three types of garages. The smallest one is the one you start with – it has enough space for one car. You can upgrade it to a small garage for EUR 180,000. All cities (apart from yours) have empty small garages which you can buy for EUR 180,000.

How do you move the garage in American Truck Simulator?

You can indeed change your home base to another city. Go to the driver manager and relocate yourself to another one of your garages. Then go to truck manager and relocate your truck to your new garage location.

Does fast travel cost money ets2?

Remember that quick trip is not a teleportation and although it is only a moment for you, the game time goes as usual (at least it does not cost a thing).

How do you increase productivity on American Truck Simulator?

As your drivers get more and more experienced, they get more and more jobs which makes more money. Productivity is pretty much the money your garage makes based on how much a fully equipped garage should make. Upgrading your trucks and having good drivers are the most relevant conditions I have found so far.

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Can you see your hired drivers in ATS?

Starting from this update, you will be able to see your drivers, trucks and trailers on the manager map (a perennial item on the wish-list fulfilled, and it’s not even Christmas yet!).

How do you get better drivers in American Truck Simulator?

When you pick your driver pay attention to:

  1. work evaluation – the higher the better;
  2. salary – the lower the better, but good evaluation hardly goes with low salary (although it happens);
  3. skills – the long distance is the king; preferably long distance and other valuable skill (all but eco driving ).

How do you train the drivers in American Truck Simulator?

You can train your drivers using driver manager. Select one employee and check the ” training ” option. Better do not choose the “balanced” one. First of all a driver needs the “long distance” skill which unlocks longer routes (at least two, three levels).

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