How do you open a stag door?

The card representing The Stag Door will be face up, while the two representing the Ascent of Knives and The Painted River are face-down. You must click and drag a card to the Gate. Only one card can be chosen; the other two will be revealed and then destroyed.

How do you get health in the cultist simulator?

Increase Health

  1. Study two Vitality. Only the first time when you don’t have Skill: a Stronger Physique or its upgrades.
  2. Study the Skill: a Stronger Physique or its upgrades with Vitality: a Lesson Learnt.
  3. Reason and Passion can be transformed to Health in a round-about way (this is a one-way process):

How do you become a healthy cultist?

Studying Health and Working Health produce Vitality. Study 2 Vitality (the first time) to produce Health and a Stronger Physique. Working Physique with Health will produce Vitality faster/safer, and studying Physique with 4/6/8 Vitality will produce Health.

What must open before this way opens?

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. The Stag Door’s Riddle is an obstacle that must be overcome to continue on the way of the Mansus. Element ID.

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Riddle Answer
” What must open, before this Way opens?” A Consent of Wounds
“Where is mercy found?” An Unmerciful Mantra

Where is mercy found cultist?

Where is mercy found? Answer: Only in Shadow.

What do you do with the fascination cultist simulator?

Fascination can be removed in several ways: Using it as a Moth influence in a ritual. The right rite is required: Sunset Rite or Rite of the Map’s Edge. Especially useful to summon a Raw Prophet, which can be used to get rid of Evidences or simply left to safely decay.

How do you get rid of restlessness cultist simulator?

If you have a restlessness card on the deck you can get rid of it before it turns to dread. Use painting as a job and use your own restlessness as inspiration. This will consume the restlessness card effectively saving you from dread. Another way to fight off dread is with contentment.

How do you get the glimmering cultist simulator?


  1. Studying Passion always produces Glimmering.
  2. Painting can generate Glimmering.
  3. Glimmering is one of the possible choices when Dreaming on Way: The White Door.
  4. Exploring Streets Strange by Moonlight can generate Glimmering.
  5. Studying some Books can generate Glimmering.

How do you make a contentment cultist simulator?

Dreaming using 1 Health can produce 1 Contentment but can also produce instead other Influences such as Fascination. Exploring The Ecdysis Club using 1 Funds usually produces 1 Contentment. Painting by using Work on Skill: a Wild Imagination (and subsequent upgrades) can produce a Contentment.

How do I get rid of decrepitude?

Decrepitude can be cured by the Forge’s Redemption Ritual or by drinking the True Blood of St. Januarius through the Dream verb. These are the only ways to recover the lost Health.

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How do I get to the passion cultist simulator?

Increase Passion

  1. Study two Glimmering. Only the first time when you don’t have Skill: a Vivid Imagination or higher.
  2. Study Skill: a Vivid Imagination or higher with Glimmering: a Lesson Learnt.
  3. If the Priest Legacy is chosen, Dreaming of your Desire and slotting in the unique Job will turn your Desire into Passion.

When a door closes another opens BDO?

Tulid’s fourth riddle, “When a door closes, the other opens. What is this?” Answer: Light and Darkness.

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