How do you deal with the dread cultist simulator?

Dread is countered by Contentment, you can dream about Dread +Contentment to delete them. The most reliable way to get Contentment would be to visit the Ecsidys Club you can fing by Exploring. Visit it at the cost of 1 Funds for a chance to get Contentment and/or something else.

How do I get rid of notoriety cultist?

Dealing with Notoriety

  1. Wait for it to expire.
  2. Talk to a Heart follower about Society. After 60 seconds, they will use Magnet on a Reputation card.
  3. Change Headquarters.
  4. Use a Headquarter with Secret aspect.

How do you do the rituals in cultist simulator?

Rituals are initiated by using a rite card on the work verb. Each rite requires different types of cards to initiate the ritual, and each rite usually consumes at least one component of the ritual. The card types used with each rite vary but can include lore, influence, tools, ingredients and followers.

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How do I get to the passion cultist simulator?

Increase Passion

  1. Study two Glimmering. Only the first time when you don’t have Skill: a Vivid Imagination or higher.
  2. Study Skill: a Vivid Imagination or higher with Glimmering: a Lesson Learnt.
  3. If the Priest Legacy is chosen, Dreaming of your Desire and slotting in the unique Job will turn your Desire into Passion.

How do I get fleeting reminiscence?


  1. Clear Bleak Thoughts action.
  2. Clear a Trembling in the Air action.
  3. Dream 1 Dread with 1 Contentment.
  4. Dream 1 Fascination with 1 Dread.
  5. A possible result after each Season of Ardours with your beloved.
  6. Talk to Miss Naenia about Restlessness.
  7. A small chance of obtaining by dreaming with Health.

How do you get rid of damning evidence cultist simulator?

With one more Notoriety, this card may be upgraded to Damning Evidence. Tentative Evidence can be got rid of by talking to a follower high in Moth aspect.

How do you get health in the cultist simulator?

Increase Health

  1. Study two Vitality. Only the first time when you don’t have Skill: a Stronger Physique or its upgrades.
  2. Study the Skill: a Stronger Physique or its upgrades with Vitality: a Lesson Learnt.
  3. Reason and Passion can be transformed to Health in a round-about way (this is a one-way process):

How do you become a weary detective?

The Weary Detective is a generic Hunter employed by the capital’s police. When made a Rival by sharing Lantern or Winter lore (Which must be rank 14), he becomes known as Douglas, and can be recruited as a Forge Follower by giving him a Tool as well as using 21 of your cult’s founding principle.

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How do you summon Percussigant?

The Percussigant is a summon -able minion with a duration of 180 seconds. It requires at least 2 Knock, 2 Edge and 6 Heart to summon. When destroyed, the Percussigant will leave behind Trembling Airs.

How do you summon Ezeem?

Summoning Ezeem, the Second Thirstly requires performing a Rite with at least 10 Grail, 2 Forge and 5 Knock.

How do you get tools in the cultist simulator?

Most tools are unique objects obtained by successfully completing expeditions. However, some tools may be obtained under special circumstances, such as: Artwork, which may be created by painting with sufficent Lore aspects.

How do I get rid of Mr Alden?

There are a number of possible ways to dispose of Alden by talking to a Follower, with the subject being your position at Glover & Glover: Edge: Attempts to kill Alden, but kills the follower on failure. 10 Edge will guarantee success. On success, produces Notoriety, Alden turns into A Human Corpse.

How do you recruit followers cultist simulator?

They can be hired for 120 seconds by using 1 Funds. Their timer pauses when they are on Expeditions, on Cult Business, or you are Talking to them; Talking to a Hireling will also give you the opportunity to give them Funds to renew their timer.

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