How do you do a custom attack in bad time simulator?

ENG: Go to and select Custom attack, Load File. When u already loaded file, press X and select Run attack, have fun!

How many attacks does it take to kill Sans?

It takes 21 turns of attacking him for him to die. Sparing or using an item does not progress the fight only attacking him will. You must press the FIGHT button fourteen times to beat him.

Why does SANS only have 1 hp?

Why does Sans have only 1hp? With so little known about Sans, it’s unknown why he only has 1HP storywise. In regards to the game’s code, his HP is not needed to calculate how much health he has left. In fact, the health bar isn’t even drawn because the code sets drawbar to 0, meaning false.

Why does sans say get dunked on?

He takes the opportunity to unleash an impossible attack ending you and says get dunked on to anger you because Sans has a deep hatred for you for trapping him and, his friends and only brother in a world where you murder them all and keep doing just because your bored.

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Can Sans stop smiling?

Ultimately, whether or not Sans can open and close his mouth in canon is not known, but it seems more likely that he can only move the corners of his smile. Regardless, his signature smile is a staple of his final design.

Does sans Canon have 1 hp?

Sans actually has 1,000,000 hp in battle. every boss in genocide has 1 hp in the code so that they can all be killed in one hit. However canonically speaking, HP is never shown in the check menu. It only says that sans has 1 attack and 1 defense, not 1 HP.

Why does sans drink ketchup?

So we have explained what determination has to do with sans and why he has 1 hp but than how does he have so much and able to hide it so well the answer is in the ketchup, why else would someone drink that much a day. It’s to keep his power hidden and give him a way to defend the underground.

Is Sans harder than Jevil?

Sans is harder by far. It’s no contest. It’s not even close. Jevil is hard and so is Sans in my opinion.

What happens if you kill everyone but spare papyrus?

If you kill everyone but Papyrus on Undertale, you won’t be fighting Sans because the route you would be doing would be a neutral route, and you only fight Sans in a genocide route. Later, Sans puts Papyrus on the phone with you and Papyrus talks about him being the new ruler of the underground and some other stuff.

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Who would win sans vs Jevil?

The Sans fight is more difficult because it lasts longer, but Sans is canonically the weakest monster in Undertale, only having 1HP and being able to deal 1 damage per attack (he only does more to the player in Undertale due to Karma). If the Sans from Undertale fought Jevil, Jevil would win.

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