Are there codes in Super Power training simulator?

Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes (Available) 100M – Redeem code for 180 Minute x2 Power Boost (NEW) 400KFAVORITES – Redeem code for 4,000 Tokens (NEW) space – Redeem code for 5,000 Tokens.

Who is Sath in power simulator?

Sath, also known as “Sathopian” is a muscular, blocky figure with the 10M FS (Fist Strength) and 10M BT (Body Toughness) aura.

Where is Sath in Super Power training?

Sath, also known as Sathopian, is the in-game version of the owner of “The State Of Mind” group, who helps sponsor and promote NoMoneyPityBoy’s games. He is located at spawn inside the safe-zone.

How do you enter codes in superpower training simulator?

Press the ” Codes ” menu at the right side of your screen then input the code that you want to redeem. Redeeming codes will give prizes such as Tokens.

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What is the code for tapping simulator?

Tapping Simulator Codes (Available) power60 – Redeem code for 60 minutes of 5x Tap Power. super60 – Redeem code for 60 minutes of 10x Super Tokens. lucky60 – Redeem code for 60 minutes of 5x Luck. Bosscat – Redeem code for 50 super gems.

What are the new codes in superpower fighting simulator?

Here are the latest Super Power Fighting Simulator codes

  • Metaverse – one hour of two times luck ( new!)
  • Space – 5,000 tokens.
  • Dragon – 5,000 tokens.
  • 100M – 180 minutes of two times power boost.
  • 400KFAVORITES – 4,000 tokens.
  • artifacts – 50,000 gems.
  • 100KLIKES – 10,000 tokens.
  • 1MMembers – 10,000 tokens.

Where is the devil’s secret training area?

The Devil’s Secret Training Area is an area located just behind the global leader boards (see map). This area contains 3 sub-sections, each with unique multipliers and requirements. Each pool has a 1.25 second interval between stat increases.

How do you fly faster in super power training simulator?

You can fly faster by getting more jump force. It is usually needed to get to the crystal, the tornado, the psychic temple, and the sun/planets and to use press space while in air (double tap space). It can be turned on/off in settings, or you can set your flight speed in settings.

Where do I train my psychic force in power simulator?

To train Psychic Force, the player must select the [ 3 ] key, or select the symbol in the game similar as shown on the right image, and meditate on a training zone they are able to use. Take note that players must be touching the ground, to meditate.

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How much movement speed do you need for 10 ton weights?


Weight Color how much faster you will get Movement Speed
100lbs white 2 times
1 ton yellow 5 times
10 tons cyan 10 times
100 tons red 20 times

Where is the library in super power fighting simulator?

The Library is a red building with an open book on top of it. It is located on the other side of the river from spawn.

What are some codes for boss fighting simulator?

Boss Fighting Simulator Codes List

  • 5,000 Coins: DEMON (NEW)
  • 500 Coins: UPDATE1.
  • 100 Coins: Coins100.
  • 50 Coins: release.
  • 50 Coins: coins50.
  • 25 Coins: Twitter1.

How do you get a scythe in super power simulator?

Currently the most OP weapon in the game Unlock the scythe for doing FIFTY of the Reapers quests. As you upgrade the scythe, it will start to follow players, like a homing missile.

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