How do you get free BUX in tuber simulator?

How to get free Bux in PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

  1. Level up. You level up in by buying new junk for your studio.
  2. Complete quests. Look at the quest window and keep an eye out for bux as prizes.
  3. Log in every day. Speaking of daily stuff, you’ll get a reward each day you play.
  4. Play Puggle.
  5. Get the sponsored eagle.

How do you get the Craniac tuber simulator?

It is unlocked after level 5. To play, the user will have to pay a certain amount of views each time. This cost will increase as the user levels up. The premise of the mini-game is to drop a claw into a pit of moving orbs.

Is Bux life safe?

Depositing and withdrawing money from your BUX X account is fast and hassle-free. Our systems are frequently checked by online security experts so your information is secure and protected with us. All server communication is TLSv1. 2 encrypted.

How do you get Pixeling in tuber simulator?

How do you break up the monotony of a mobile game about making Tuber videos and upgrading a room? The answer is by raiding other video game tropes and bringing in pets. Players that are at level 15 or over can now obtain eggs, wait for them to hatch and have little Pixelings in their room.

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What are Pixelings in tuber simulator?

Pixelings is a quirky creature-collecting game set in PewDiePie’s Pixelverse. Trouble has been brewing across Pixeland, home of the cute & quirky Pixelings; a mysterious being has been consuming Pixeland’s inhabitants.

What happens if you cheat in tuber simulator?

If you cheat, you might lose your game and never be able to login again. However, the developers have caught on. Not only is this causing problems in Tuber Simulator, but they ‘re going to start banning players that do it.

Can you get banned from PewDiePie tuber simulator?

People who cheat on Tuber Simulator are automatically removed from some of the game’s funniest functions. We do not ban them.

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