Is American Truck Simulator accurate?

If it’s like ETS the place names, major road, and the locations of both are fairly accurate but the detail of the cities are lacking. As a gaming trucker, I can tell you ATS is accurate on the bigger details of the roads in a lot of ways, but misses a lot of smaller details.

Is American Truck Simulator real roads?

SCS said the fate of American Truck Simulator’s Highway 1 depends entirely on real world events. The real life authorities are yet to release a timetable for when the road will be cleared, so players of the video game may have to seek an alternate route for some time. Reaction to the move from players has been mixed.

Can you get out of your truck in American Truck Simulator?

American Truck Simulator now lets you get out of your truck to stretch your legs. The big update also adds air horns, inspections and windows you can roll down.

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Is Euro Truck Simulator accurate?

SCS is not really accurate when it comes to mapping, especially in Germany’s Ruhr area, the Netherlands, Brussels and UK. Some important roads that should be there are absent, and some roads are incorrectly represented.

What is the best truck in ETS2?

Guide To The Absolute Best Trucks In ETS2

01 Volvo FH16 1,400 L
02 Volvo FH 1,400 L
03 Mercedes-Benz New Actros 1,400 L
04 Scania R 2009 1,400 L


Does American Truck Simulator teach you to drive?

It will teach you how to drive a truck, but not how to be a truck driver.

Does truck simulator have real roads?

In your truck, you will travel miles of actual roads where you will see famous sights and landmarks. There are downsides to this game. Leave yourself a lot of time to play it. Remember, too, that it is a European simulator so you drive on the left, the road signs are different, and it’s kilometers instead of miles.

What is the best truck in American Truck Simulator?

Favorite truck in American Truck Simulator

  • 17.9% Kenworth W900.
  • 32.1% Mack Anthem.
  • 3.6% Kenworth T680.
  • 17.1% Volvo VNL.
  • 18.6% Peterbilt 579.
  • 10.7% International Lonestar.

How many levels are in American Truck Simulator?

There is a total of 6 Skills in the game with 6 Levels each. Quick arithmatic shows us that at level 36 you max out on skills. American Truck Simulator.

10,654 Unique Visitors
225 Current Favorites

How do you rest in American Truck Simulator?

To rest, you need to find a rest stop or motel and park in the resting area. Often, that’s easy to spot, but sometimes it’s tricky. You get a message when you can rest. Park, stop the engine, and press the control the game tells you to use to rest.

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Can you walk in American Truck Simulator?

Walk Around – No, you can ‘t jump out of your truck’s cabin and explore the world of American Truck Simulator on foot now. However, you can “ walk ” around your truck when it’s in the garage. Of course, they can also be customized just like your truck.

How do you reset the truck in American Truck Simulator?

Launch American Truck Simulator and load it into your profile. Open the console. Type in uset g_force_economy_reset 1 and press the ENTER key. Save your game and exit the profile (or the game).

Should I buy trailers in American Truck Simulator?

Any trailer will do. If you look at the cargo being moved you should have slightly more $/mile when using your own trailer vs using the trailer provided in Freight Market. So you will likely always find loads showing more $/mile but they are cargoes you wouldn’t have available on your owned trailers.

Is it worth it to buy Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Simulation games aren’t for everyone, but there are still valid reasons for why Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a game that is worthwhile. With an overwhelmingly positive review score on Steam, and over five million copies sold on the platform, Euro Truck Simulator 2 makes the case as the best simulation game period.

Is Euro Truck Simulator to scale?

The official scale for ATS is 1:20 and for ETS2 it’s 1:19 (EU)/1:15 (UK)/1:3 (cities). But the time is also scaled. In fact, in a little experiment I just did in ATS, it appears time is scaled based on how fast you move.

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