How do you hide items in tabletop simulator?

Hidden Zones

  1. To create a Hidden Zone, just press down with your LMB and drag select.
  2. Hidden Zones can be used to hide certain areas, which can be great for RPGs or if you just want to have a private zone for yourself.
  3. You can right click on a zone to change the color or click on the settings icon to bring up a mini menu.

How do you get rid of fog of war in tabletop simulator?

Select the zone tool and chose hidden. Now just drag/draw a square where you want fog to be. If you don’t like it just click the tool inside your fog to delete it and try again. Right click and change the color to Game Master Black.

How do I delete a zone on tabletop simulator?

Removal. With the same zone tool selected, right-clicking on a pre-existing zone will show a context menu for it. Selecting Delete will remove the zone.

How do you change seats on tabletop simulator?


  1. Players can choose a seat when they join a server if the host allows the option.
  2. Players can leave their seat and become a spectator (grey) at any time.
  3. Players can change their color and team by clicking their name on the top right.
  4. Players can mute another player by clicking on a name on the top right.
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How do you make a hand in tabletop simulator?

In-game, go to Options > Hands to bring up the Hands menu. Here, you can modify the functionality for all hand zones. If disabled, all functionality of hand zones will not function EXCEPT they will still act as player seats.

How does the tablet work in tabletop simulator?

You can watch youtube videos, listen to music, manage RPG character sheets in Google Drive, and other places on the web. Clicking the screen will enter you in tablet mode where all inputs get redirected to the browser. You can move the tablet by grabbing the bezels of the device.

How do you delete a color in tabletop simulator?

Hand Zones

  1. When you click the Hand Zones, a color cube shows up where each color placement is currently set to.
  2. To delete a Hand Zone, just click any of the color cubes while having the Hand Zone tool selected.
  3. You can have as many Hand Zones of the same color as you’d like.

How do I give permission to tabletop simulator?

Click on Options > Permissions at the top of the screen to bring up the window.

How do you add more colors to tabletop simulator?

Select Color Click on your name on the top right and then choose “Change Color ” and change to a different color (both left and right click works). This also changes your seat location, but you can see exactly where you will be moving to if that affects your color choice.

How do you reset a tabletop simulator?

You can press a button and bag the entire table up and then save the bag to your objects. You can then take the bag out placing it on the tablet and it puts everything back out exactly as it was when you bagged it.

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