Which cult is best cultist simulator?

The best cult is whatever can make disciples most easily; this means there are three “best cults” being St Hydra, Holy Wound, and Silence. St Hydra uses any lore, Knock influences are absurdly easy to get on top of knock lore being easy to create, and Silence is also pretty easy to get lore and tools for.

How do you find the cult cultist simulator?

How to set up a Cult. Let’s look at an example of how to set up your Cult. You’ll need to choose a verb, which would be Talk in this instance, plus an Acquaintance to talk to. After that, you’ll need to choose your founding principle card – that is, the Cult you wish to form – plus some lore that you have discovered.

How do I change my cultist cult simulator?

Talk to your Cult. Press start with the other three slots empty. This will let you rededicate your cult and open you to other options for ascencion, should the way of St Agnes be too selfless for you.

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How many endings does cultist simulator have?

There are 3 different endings: use only Moth for the dances; use Passion in the ability slots to get Moth scars. use only Heart for the dances; use Health in the ability slots to get Heart scars.

How do you survive the cultist simulator?

Keep your mystique and notoriety as low as possible. Then do what you have to till notoriety appears and wait till its gone. Additionally this works well with the previous tip: you can use a heart aspect follower to try to remove notoriety/mystique however which will be removed is random.

What do you do with the fascination cultist simulator?

Fascination can be removed in several ways: Using it as a Moth influence in a ritual. The right rite is required: Sunset Rite or Rite of the Map’s Edge. Especially useful to summon a Raw Prophet, which can be used to get rid of Evidences or simply left to safely decay.

How do you get the glimmering cultist simulator?


  1. Studying Passion always produces Glimmering.
  2. Painting can generate Glimmering.
  3. Glimmering is one of the possible choices when Dreaming on Way: The White Door.
  4. Exploring Streets Strange by Moonlight can generate Glimmering.
  5. Studying some Books can generate Glimmering.

How do you upgrade followers on cultist simulator?

Followers can be upgraded three times: when they spawn in your game, they are just Acquaintances. After you’ve found a cult, you can upgrade them to Believers, then to Disciples, and finally (for a select few) to Exalted.

How do you make a contentment cultist simulator?

Dreaming using 1 Health can produce 1 Contentment but can also produce instead other Influences such as Fascination. Exploring The Ecdysis Club using 1 Funds usually produces 1 Contentment. Painting by using Work on Skill: a Wild Imagination (and subsequent upgrades) can produce a Contentment.

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How do you get more health in the cultist simulator?

Increase Health

  1. Study two Vitality. Only the first time when you don’t have Skill: a Stronger Physique or its upgrades.
  2. Study the Skill: a Stronger Physique or its upgrades with Vitality: a Lesson Learnt.
  3. Reason and Passion can be transformed to Health in a round-about way (this is a one-way process):

How do you get more lore cultist simulator?

You get more lore by doing expeditions. You get expeditions by exploring histories lore. You can also subvert one lore type into another. Say for instance you have a level 4 lantern lore and a level 4 forge lore drag the lantern lore in first then the forge into the second slot and you will get a level 6 forge lore.

How do you get tools in the cultist simulator?

Most tools are unique objects obtained by successfully completing expeditions. However, some tools may be obtained under special circumstances, such as: Artwork, which may be created by painting with sufficent Lore aspects.

How can I change my temptation?

This card can be obtained by:

  1. Starting the game with the Dancer legacy.
  2. Talking about your Temptation with Sulochana Amavasya, but you need to have Power or Sensation Temptation.

How do you beat the Enlightenment cultist simulator?

Failure will instead descend the Mark, down to 3, as well as consuming 1 Erudition or exhausting 1 Reason. At the Sixth Mark, you can perform a ritual to complete your ascension. The ritual requires 1 Rite, 6 Marks of Light and 36 Lantern.

Ascension: Enlightenment
Aspects Desire 3-6 The Marks of Light 3-6
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