How do you drop a weapon in Yandere simulator?

How Do I drop the knife in yandere simulator? Because when I press 4, she just de-equip the knife instead of dropping it. If your knife is in the 2nd slot, hold “2”. If your knife is in the 3rd spot, hold “3”.

How do you dispose of a Yandere?

Method. Ayano Aishi is able to dispose of a maximum of nine corpses or tranquilized/sleeping bodies by burying them in the garden of the Gardening Club.

Where is the incinerator in Yandere simulator?

the incinerator is located in front of the gardening club which is where u burn trash and stuff (corpses).

Can you kill Senpai in Yandere simulator?

Senpai can be killed with any knife.

How do you kill Osana?

What you first is join the Gardening club to access the poison stored inside the main shed. This will be done on a Monday, the day in which Osana gives Senpai a bento box. Go to her class (while shes not there) and you will be given the option to poison the bento box.

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Why is Yandere simulator so laggy?

The main reason why yandere simulator lags most of the time is because it is automatically set to the best graphics and turns on shadows, the game already has a giant polygon count, try running the game on lower graphics.

What happens if you kill everyone in Yandere simulator?

As of the 2020 September Demo, Killing all 75 students on the very first day of the game will result in the “Genocide Ending”.

How do you restore sanity in Yandere simulator?

In order to restore sanity to normal, Ayano can:

  1. Laugh hysterically.
  2. View pictures of Senpai.
  3. Pass the time with the phone.
  4. Stand in Senpai’s pink aura, though getting noticed will eventually result in a Game Over.
  5. If Ayano is sent to the Counselor’s Office, her sanity is restored.

Where is the knife in Yandere simulator?

In the game, the knife is found on the rooftop and inside the Cooking Club. The knife is seen as suspicious, but can be concealed. If a student sees Ayano Aishi holding a knife, her reputation will drop by ten points at high School Atmosphere, 15 points at medium, and 18 points at low.

How do you join the delinquents in Yandere simulator?

In order to join, her reputation must be -33 or lower, her hair must be dyed blonde, she must currently be using the Tough Persona, and she must have completed the tasks for each delinquent. If all of these requirements are met, Ayano can speak to Umeji about joining the delinquents.

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Where is the crowbar in Yandere simulator?

Gameplay. The crowbar can be obtained by beating the delinquent Gaku Hikitsuri, in the combat mini-game. The crowbar cannot be concealed in Ayano Aishi’s inventory and is seen as suspicious, so if any student sees her holding the weapon, her reputation will drop by ten points at high School Atmosphere.

How do you mop blood in Yandere simulator?

You must find a mop, a bucket, and bleach. The bucket must then be filled with water, and the water bucket must be filled with bleach. After that, dip the bleach into the water and mop up the blood. Eventually, the mop will get bloody and you can no longer use it to clean up evidence.

Who is Senpai’s crush?

Taro Yamada, also known as Senpai, is the love of Ayano Aishi/Ayato Aishi’s life and one of the main characters of Yandere Simulator.

Who has a crush on Yandere Chan?

The following year, both her parents took a ten-week vacation to America. Some time afterwards, Ayano bumps into Senpai in the hallway and immediately experiences emotions and a sense of completion. She then finds out about his childhood friend, Osana Najimi, who has a crush on him.

Can Senpai commit suicide?

Senpai is currently the only student who will not commit suicide when bullied. He will transfer to another school, though this still means an effective game over. However, he will not come to school if his reputation is below -150.

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