Where are pet trainers in net ghost simulator?

Find the Pet Trainer’s lost net hidden in the Forest.

Where a wooden vessel sleeps look to the life below the living bridge?

Where a wooden vessel sleeps, look to the life below the living bridge. This riddle refers to the bridge in the Underwater. There is a vessel under the bridge and the symbol is near the bridge behind one of the seaweeds. At the top of the purple tunnel in the Ghost World.

How do you get soul keys in ghost simulator?

Soul Keys are Items in Ghost Simulator. They can be obtained by defeating the Mega Boss Frankie during the 2020 Halloween Event. It can be used to get Gums and to open the Soul Key Chests.

What is the Pet Quest Code?

In Pet Quest, you can pick up coins and hatch eggs to collect better pets for your advanture. Latest working codes.

Codes Rewards
1MILLION 2x Luck boost (30 mins)
FreeCoins 500 Coins
RICH 10K Coins


How do I get Luna’s key?

Luna’s Key can be obtained by completing Ghost Hunter Yoko’s 17th quest. Luna’s Key cannot be burned in the Incinerator at the Junkyard and is non-tradeable.

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How do you get the watering can in ghost simulator?

Watering Cans can be dropped by Adventurer and Dragonfly Ghosts in the Haunted Castle. Players can burn Watering Cans at the Junkyard for 25 Souls each. They can also be converted at the Ghost World Gumball Machine at a ratio of 45:3 Gum.

What is Ghost simulator code?

Roblox Ghost Simulator Codes SUMM3R – Redeem for a Snazzy Pegasus pet. 2YEARS – Redeem for a Godly pet. THEEND – Gears & The End Hoverboard. PLAY – Redeem code for a Cosmic Hand Pet.

What are the codes for Roblox ghost simulator?

All active Roblox Ghost Simulator codes

  • 2YEARS – Godly pet (BloxByte Games Group only)
  • TOYS – Lava Java pet.
  • 1YEAR – one-year bah (BloxByte Games Group only)
  • THEEND – Gears and The End hoverboard (must be in a group)
  • PLAY – The cosmic hand pet.
  • FIREFLY – Firefly pet.
  • R1FT – Purple Pegasus pet.
  • SPAC3 – Dave pet.

What are crate keys used for in Ghost simulator?

Crate Keys are an item in Ghost Simulator. They can be used to open any Pet or Board Crate. They are obtained by either completing quests, opening boss crates, or from Daily Rewards. You can also purchase crate keys from the shop for robux.

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