Where are all the marshmallows in ice cream simulator?

Marshmallow #1 is located behind the Gem Elf. Marshmallow #2 is located on a tree between the Gem Elf and the Air Elf. Marshmallow #3 is located between a fence behind the Egg Pop machine(350K) and the Gachapon machine.

How do you get tokens in ice cream simulator?

Coins are for cones and flavors and tokens are for normal pets and gachapon pets. The best way to get more tokens is to get all of the flavors. The more flavors you have, the higher your sell value.

How do you make a pet rainbow in ice cream simulator?

You can obtain Pet – Pets from the shop in the Pets section from clicking “Buy as Pet – Pet ” on a pet and also getting the same pet from a tier Gachapon. Since Update 18, you can now make rainbow pets (you have to have 10 of the same pet to make it rainbow ) that have stats 10 times better than the original pet.

How do you get a lot of marshmallows in backpacking Roblox?

Going through an individual ring in the Hang Gliding event or Kayaking event, or catching a fish will grant five marshmallows towards one’s total amount. Finding and opening a chest will yield fifty marshmallows, but these are scattered around the map and take a while to respawn.

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What are tokens in ice cream simulator?

Air Tokens are a currency in Ice Cream Simulator. They are used for purchasing Pets, Magical Hat Crates and Pet Capsule Machines.

How many pets do you need to make a rainbow in ice cream?

To make rainbow pets, you need 10 of the same Pet – Pet.

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