Which is the fastest truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

The fastest truck in Euro Truck Simulator is the Scania R730. With 730Hp, it is the most powerful engine in Euro Truck Simulator 2. It is the most expensive one from Scania (and the game), costing 212.430 Euros. You can buy it in Milano (Italy), Hannover (Germany) or Manchester (England).

Which truck should I buy first in ETS2?

Mercedes New Actros is really good first truck to buy. It has got some power and it is cheap and it’s really good looking.

What trucks are in ETS 2?

Today, Euro Truck Simulator 2 has the following truck brands incorporated into the game.

  • DAF.
  • Iveco.
  • MAN.
  • Mercedes-Benz.
  • Renault.
  • Scania.
  • Volvo.

How do I make my truck faster in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

The only way to make them go faster is to turn the cruise control off in the options. The best camera to control the truck is the one located in a cabin. It is a bit awkward to drive with it through a city as you have to look around in order not to hit anything.

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What is the max level in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

The highest level to reach is 150, but after level 36 you won’t get new skills or truck parts anymore.

How long is an hour in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

So 1 hour is about 3-4 minutes and 1 day is about 72-96 minutes.

What is the cheapest truck in ETS2?

Iveco Stralis – Is another great truck to begin your Euro Truck Simulator 2 career, the cheapest one costs only €94,060 and it comes with a 310hp engine and a 4×2 chassis.

Where are the truck dealers in ETS2?

Big dealers:

  • DAF: Glasgow, Amsterdam.
  • IVECO: Frankfurt am Main, Wien.
  • MAN: München, Berlin.
  • MAJESTIC: Stuttgart, Genève, Warszava.
  • RENAULT: Paris, Praha, Budapest.
  • SCANIA: Milano, Manchester, Hannover.
  • VOLVO: London, Luxembourg.

Will there be a Euro Truck Simulator 3?

There will be no ETS3, according to SCSsoftware. They will just keep updating the game itself and expanding it with DLC’s. It’ ll probably be a while, but the new game will happen eventually.

How many truck brands are there in ets2?

Trucks are together with the map the most important feature of Euro Truck Simulator 2. There are 7 truck manufacturers and 17 different models, all of which can be upgraded in service shops.

Where are Scania dealers in ets2?

Scania trucks are offered in seven cities:

  • big dealers: Hannover (Germany), Manchester (Great Britain), Milan (Italy);
  • small dealers: Lille and Strasbourg (France), Dresden (Germany), Aberdeen (Great Britain).

How do you cheat on ets2?

Cheat Codes

  1. g_police 0 – Off police.
  2. g_police 1 – On police.
  3. g_traffic 0 – Off traffic.
  4. g_traffic 1 – On traffic.
  5. g_set_time xx – If xx=03 then 23+3=tomorrow 02.
  6. g_set_time – Time change.
  7. g_fps – Displays framerate.
  8. g_flyspeed – Free movement speed of the camera.
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How can I increase the speed of my truck?

7 Ways to Boost Horsepower in a Truck

  1. Get a tune-up.
  2. Get rid of any extra “gear” you’re hauling around.
  3. Install a cold-air intake.
  4. Install an aftermarket exhaust system.
  5. Invest in an engine tuner.
  6. Install an STS turbo kit.
  7. Install any number of aftermarket superchargers.

How do you turn off the speed limiter in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Go to the pause menu, and select Options.

  1. Select Gameplay.
  2. Disable check on the Truck speed limiter option.
  3. Go back to the game and you should be able to drive beyond the previous limit.
  4. Be careful of the speed limit!
  5. Look at the screenshot above.

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