How do you unlock the alien in surgeon simulator ps4?

Insert the VHS tape, and numbers will appear on the video screen. After blacking out and waking up, you will see another keypad. Enter “4948” on the keypad to start the Alien transplants. Use the “Secret alien transplants” code to start the alien transplants.

What is the code for surgeon simulator?

At any rate, enter the Brain Transplant mission in space, and type the full number, 296145, into the back panel. This will open the hatch, expelling poor Nigel into space. Somehow, he comes to back in his own office, this time with a new videotape. Pop it in the VCR and receive the code 4948.

How do you call Trisha on surgeon simulator?

Her phone number is 099326071850! Insert these numbers on the phone in the reception and press the green ” call ” button!

How do I cut my stomach in surgeon simulator?

Grab a scalpel and cut the stomach in the darkened areas (at the top and bottom). Remove the stomach. Grab the scalpel again and cut the arteries and aorta.

What happens when you call Trisha?

You may have seen dozens of post- it notes everywhere that say call Trish. If you call Trish, you will get a trophy. You call her from the phone at the reception desk.

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How do you do a Time Lord in surgeon simulator?

Create a Time Lord. This is another easy one and also a Dr Who reference. You simply need to do the heart transplant and put in the new heart while the first one is still beating so that Bob has two hearts.

How do you control in surgeon simulator?

Surgeon Simulator is played in first-person perspective. Mouse movement is used to control the movement of the player’s hand. By holding down the right mouse button and moving the mouse, the player can rotate the hand. The left mouse button is used to lower the hand.

Is surgeon simulator a VR?

Surgeon Simulator is taking the ER to VR! Experience the most critically acclaimed and infamous surgery simulation game as you have never seen it before! Built from the ground up for VR and featuring all of the surgeries and twisted humour of the original favourite.

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