What is the most powerful V8 in car mechanic simulator?

V8 Engines

  • V8 1CARB OHV – 291 HP @ 4550 RPM: 528 NM @ 3045 RPM.
  • V8 2CARB OHV – 330 HP @ 4560 RPM: 579 NM @ 3215 RPM.
  • V8 2CARB OHV SUPERCHARGED – 380 HP @ 4275 RPM: 720 NM @ 2815 RPM.
  • V8 DOHC 4×4 – 402 HP @ 5920 RPM: 507 NM @ 5110 RPM.
  • V8 DOHC AQE – 285 HP @ 6025 RPM: 368 NM @ 4860 RPM.

What car takes the V8 DOHC supercharged?

This beast of an engine can be installed in the following vehicles: Bolt Reptilia R2. Bolt Reptilia R2 Supercharged. Bolthorn Grand Mojave Storm.

How do you get the engine lift on a car mechanic Simulator 2018?

Use the panel next to the machine to lift the car. To raise it above your own height, use the panel twice.

Can you lower cars in Car Mechanic Simulator 2018?

I see screenchots with cars with lowered suspention/raised, how do I do this in game? you cant do that ingame, you have to edit the cars in the editor. Remember to backup the configs if you do so.

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Will there be a car mechanic Simulator 2020?

The upcoming title won’t be the only Car Mechanic Simulator video game PlayWay is planning to publish in 2021, as Car Mechanic Simulator VR will be arriving on Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift next year as well. The VR edition of CMS 2018 will make its debut between the beginning of January and end of March.

How do you get skill points in car mechanic simulator?

You get one ability point after reaching a new level. Those points can be spend on upgrades. The list of available upgrades can be looked up when you interact with the toolbox that can be found in your garage.

What is the test path car mechanic 2018?

Go through the doors to the left of the repair table. Approach this machine and left-click it. The first time you use it you will get a message to repair it. Do that, and then in the future, the option to test will come up as displayed.

Can you lift cars in car mechanic simulator?

Select the car lifter A option. This will move the car onto the lift in the center of your garage. 6. Go over to the lift and hit the lift button twice to lock the car in and then raise it up if you need to.

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