How do you make straw in Farming Simulator?

To be able to collect straw, you need either wheat or barley. Next, when starting the harvest, remember to switch on the appropriate option in the tractor that will allow you to get straw [,]. By doing so, you will leave straw that is ready to be collected, in places where you harvest.

Where can I sell straw in fs15?

Drive a Loading Wagon carrying Straw right up to the barn door, or any vehicle carrying Straw bales, to sell your Straw. Straw sells for $80 per ton.

Can you wrap straw bales fs19?

In game with the right mod, yes you can.

What does straw do in Farming Simulator 19?

Using the Krone BigM 450 on a field of cereal crop will also leave straw behind. Once it is collected, straw can be either sold or used as bedding for animals, creating manure. Straw is one of the three ingredients needed to create Total Mixed Ration (TMR).

Can you sell straw bales in Farming Simulator 2015?

In both Bjornholm and Westbridge Hills, there are specific locations where Hay bales may be sold. It is a brown barn with an open door, that has straw visibly spread out on the ground in front of the door. Drive any vehicle carrying Hay bales right up to the door, to automatically sell your Hay.

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Can you sell hay bales in Farming Simulator 14?

There are two types of bales, with the player’s farm capable of holding 32 of each. They are automatically sold at a low cost if excess bales were dumped there.

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