Who should I give the translator to bee swarm simulator?

Who should I give my first translator too? Start with Bucko and Riley, then go for Stick Bug. If you’re better with blue: Gifted Bucko. If you’re better with red: Gifted Riley.

How many quests do you have to do to get the translator?

There are 16 quests in the initial series and 15 in the translator series which is a total of 31 different quests. He gives a translator on the 21st, 25th, and 31st quest. Quests.

Science Enhancement Production Rate Honey per second (Basic Bee)
31 775% 175


Where is the translator for Riley bee?

It resides on the roof of the Red HQ, next to the Top Riley Bee Helpers leaderboard. The player cannot speak or receive/complete its quests without a translator, which is given by Science Bear three times.

What are the codes in bee swarm Simulator 2020?

Wink – five tickets, 5,000 honey, black bear morph, seven dandelion field boost. Buzz – 5,000 honey. Nectar – 5,000 honey. 38217 – five tickets.

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How do bees get gifted?

A bee can be identified as gifted if there is a golden hexagon around its hive slot. A bee becoming gifted when fed its favorite treat, star treat, or gingerbread bear. Every time the player uses a royal jelly or hatches an egg, they have a 0.4% (1 in 250) chance to get a gifted bee.

What does Bucko bee like?

Bucko Bee’s favorite type of treat is blueberries. Bucko Bee likes the Blue Flower Field, Bamboo Field, and the Pine Tree Forest. It dislikes the Mushroom Field, Strawberry Field, and Rose Field.

What is Riley bee favorite food?

Riley Bee is a Red Epic bee. Riley Bee’s favorite type of treat is strawberries.

How do you get a windy bee in bee swarm?

Windy Bee is a Colorless Event bee that hatches from a Windy Bee egg, which can be obtained from the Wind Shrine. Like all other Event bees, this bee does not have a favorite treat, and the only two ways to make it gifted is by feeding it a star treat or by feeding it Gingerbread Bears.

How many Quest do you have to do to get a translator in bee swarm?

There is a 5 quest difference between each translator, Limits of Language being the 21st quest, Beesperanto being the 26th, and Epistemological Endeavor being the 31st.

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