How do you get soul reap fast in super power training simulator?

To obtain Soul Reap finish the Grim Reaper’s Quest which requires 10T Body Toughness, 10T Fist Strength, 10T Psychic Power.

How do you get to the E class super power fighting simulator?

To reach E – Class it is necessary that the player hoarded at least 1 M total power, after which it is possible to rank-up through the Upgrade Menu. /min. After ranking-up, the player will be teleported in front of the Laboratory, while also be awarded with the E – Class Roblox badge.

What does the Grim Reaper say in Super Power training simulator?

“Well done player! You have completed your training and passed my test.” “Now i shall fulfill my promise and teach you how to use Soul Reap!”

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How do you get a scythe in super power simulator?

Currently the most OP weapon in the game Unlock the scythe for doing FIFTY of the Reapers quests. As you upgrade the scythe, it will start to follow players, like a homing missile.

How many Reaper quests are there in super power simulator?

The newest NPC at the time of this editing. He currently has 3,000 quests.

How do you kill intent Power Simulator?

Killing Intent is the skill the player can unlock by completing the main quest N°15. This skill targets all players within a short range of the player and stuns them, dealing damage over a short period of time. Killing Intent damage is scaled with Psychic Force and it deals damage over time.

What is Soul Harvest in super power fighting simulator?

Soul Harvest is a Psychic Skill added in game version v1. Below are the conditions of the skill usage: Instantly kill the victim if the player has x100 or more Psychic compared to the victim.

What is the max rank in super power fighting simulator?

As of v11. 0, there are 19 different ranks, spanning from 0 to 100 QiVg total power.

What is a golden gift in super power fighting simulator?

Golden Gifts are a variant of normal gifts, added in Update 5.0 – The Winter Update for the Winter Event. Like their predecessor variant (spirit pumpkins), golden gifts are significantly different in appearance but otherwise retain similar functionality as with the Mini Chests.

What do you do with Halloween tokens in super power fighting simulator?

Halloween tokens are a limited time currency which can be used in the halloween event. The halloween tokens can be used for limited time transformations and items, being able to buy:

  • Demon Transformation.
  • Dark Knight Transformation.
  • Halloween Lord Transformation.
  • Skelemancer Transformation.
  • Halloween Chest & Halloween Set.
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How do you get more tokens in power simulator?

There are multiple ways to obtain them, including:

  1. Quests. You get tokens as a reward from completing Pyro’s Quests and Dark Surge’s Quests, Tide Master’s Quests and Gate Keeper’s Quest.
  2. Codes. You can also obtain tokens by redeeming codes.
  3. Buying with Robux.
  4. Login Reward.
  5. Being in-game.

Where is the Halloween chest in super power fighting simulator?

  • Main Island.
  • Desert Island.
  • Lost Sea Island.
  • Robot Island.
  • Ninja Island.
  • Sky Island.

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