How do you do the Scoobis in cleaning simulator?

You unlock Scoobis by redeeming a Todd the Turnip toy code on

How do you get the best janitor in cleaning simulator?

Best Janitor Around Fully clean the BRIBBLECO building (100%) with the “Tougher Job” mode. (Unlocks Paul the Potato.)

How do you fix a broken arm in Roblox Cleaning Simulator?

One way to fix it is to go onto the road and roll until you get sent back to spawn, then follow your arm to the item that it is pointing to and crouch and try pick it up and stuff. When you drop it, it should be fixed.

How do you get the a lemon without omelettes badge in cleaning simulator?

A Lemon Without Omelettes Go to the tree on the left of the BRIBBLECO™ parking lot entrance front. Jump and grab the lemon from that tree.

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How do you get the orange in cleaning simulator?

Unlocking. Oscar the Orange can be unlocked by beating the game with the Tougher Job mode disabled.

What does the purple broom do in cleaning simulator?

Considered the worst in terms of cleaning. The Purple Spray cleans dirt slowly, reduces your jumping ability, and reduces your walk speed as well. But, as a major upside, you are given the ability to see all dirt patches near you- Wherever you take it.

How do you unlock Cube Todd?

Unlocking. Shadow Todd can be activated by pressing the ‘start’ button on Todd’s computer. The button is located in the lower-left corner of the screen. Please note that you need to beat the game at least once on normal difficulty for it to work.

How do you get the bubble skin in cleaning simulator?

Barnabus could be unlocked by playing Beesmas: Nuts ‘N Bolts on the first day it came out. You unlocked them by getting the “Vegetated Gift of Religious Cleansing”. The name comes from (most of) the characters from Cleaning Simulator are vegetables and the game is about cleaning, hinting the game.

How do you get the green mop in cleaning simulator?

The Green Mop can be found in an alleyway in the far left corner of the map behind the BribbleCo building. There should be a little hold near there, go in it and the Green Mop is there.

How do you get the pineapple in cleaning simulator?

Unlocking. Pablo the Pineapple can be unlocked by collecting all the cassettes on the BRIBBLECO™ grounds. This includes the cassettes on the roof that are only obtainable after beating Gurms and the dave cassette that’s on top of a tree near the parking lots. Although you can only do this in singleplayer.

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How do you get the lemon skin in cleaning simulator?

To get it, you need to:

  1. Go to the tree on the left of the BRIBBLECO™ parking lot entrance front.
  2. Jump and grab the lemon from that tree.
  3. Go to the dumpster to the right of the BRIBBLECO™ Building, next to the pool/basketball court.
  4. Put the lemon in the dumpster.
  5. Walk into the Lobby.

How do you get the flashlight in cleaning simulator?

Flashlight can only be obtained with Moon Gravity or a Red Spray Bottle, and is located on top of the Bribbleco. sign on top of the parking garage close to the edge. Gold Trophy can be found in the area behind the both the Big Fork building hiding behind one of the trees.

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