Where are the bosses in snow shoveling simulator?

Ice Kings are bosses that can be spawned once 5,000 ice has been sold at the Ice Wizard’s, Mountain Hiker’s, or Cave Expert’s ice piles. Once a boss is spawned, all players will be notified where it spawned, how much health it has and the rewards for defeating it.

How do you get cursed snow in snow shovel simulator?

Cursed snow spawns in chunks of at least 4 tiles, and a flash of light from the sky will appear in spawn locations. It can also be spawned by the Jack O’ Bomb.

Where is the lake in snow shoveling simulator?

Accessible. Larry’s Lake is a location on top of Ice Mountain. It belongs to Larry, who will buy large ice cubes from people who get them from the lake through the use of a Huge Saw.

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