How many cows can you have in fs17?

The Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 will hold 6 cows, while the more expensive Michieletto AM19 will hold 14. The game will not render all of your cows, so do not expect to see the full number of cows in the cow area. Each Cow has an upkeep cost of $40 per day.

How many sheep are in fs19?

The smallest Sheep Pasture available in the base game costs $65,000, and can hold up to 80 sheep. Sheep breed at a mediocre rate, and will take some time to fill up the Pasture. It is typically better to buy more than a handful of sheep to start the process. List of Sheep.

Name Price
Sheep (white) 1,500


What do you feed sheep in fs17?

Sheep are one of the four animal types available in Farming Simulator 17. Sheep are considerably less expensive than cows, but proportionally less profitable. Sheep produce wool, which can be sold directly for money. To do this, they must be fed Grass or Hay as well as being supplied with Water.

How do you take care of sheep in Farming Simulator?

Sheep maintenance Fill your tanker by driving it into water. Then, pour the water into water tanks near the pasture. Sheep eat hay and/or grass; both types of feed provide 100% effectiveness.

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What is power food in Farming Simulator 17?

A Mixer Wagon is an Implement in Farming Simulator 17 whose main purpose is to create Power Food – a type of food eaten by Cows to increase their productiveness. The Mixer Wagon automatically mixes these together, producing Power Food, which the machine can dump straight into the cows’ Feeding Trough.

What do pigs need in fs19?

At the bare minimum, pig breeding requires at least one Pig, provided with Water and at least one type of food. Pigs can eat 8 different Crops, with each crop providing a different effect on the breeding speed. Providing four different crop types for the pigs to eat simultaneously will maximize their breeding speed.

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