How do you remove engine CMS 18?

Engine Crane This thing allows you to remove or insert an engine into a car. When you take an engine out, you can mount it on the engine stand. To do that, place the crane near the chosen car, and choose ” Pull out” from the context menu.

Can you build a car from scratch in car mechanic Simulator 2018?

you will have to build the cars from scratch and do everything required to make it perfect. later you can either keep the car or just sell it customers with your own set price.

How do you put oil in a car mechanic simulator 2018 ps4?

When you open a hood (by clicking on it) you must hold LMB on oil fill plug and a bottle of oil will appear. You must click again and hold the button to tip the bottle and pour oil. You must do it until the pan’s angle changes by itself (optionally, you can pour a little bit more). The process is now complete.

How do you get skill points in car mechanic simulator?

You get one ability point after reaching a new level. Those points can be spend on upgrades. The list of available upgrades can be looked up when you interact with the toolbox that can be found in your garage.

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What is the test path car mechanic 2018?

Go through the doors to the left of the repair table. Approach this machine and left-click it. The first time you use it you will get a message to repair it. Do that, and then in the future, the option to test will come up as displayed.

Can you build your own car in car mechanic simulator?

You can build and customize your own vehicle after you have established yourself as a proven mechanic with the ability to tune your car however you want too.

How do you sell a car in car mechanic simulator?

Will be dlc then go to your parking press the car status buttton to move it to your garage then you can sell it by going to your car and pressing the car status button then pressing the sell car button. Car mechanic simulator 2018 how to sell cars.

How do you unlock the junkyard in car mechanic simulator?

Junkyard – unlocked on level 13. It kind of works like the barns, but the choice is much broader. On the other hand, the condition of cars and parts is most of the time very poor and the vehicles are very incomplete. The upside is that you can buy them for a song.

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