Where do you sell wheat in Farming Simulator?

To sell your crops, place them in a dumper and go to the collection point of your choice. In every collection point you will find a place where you can unload the dumper by simply pouring its contents to the collection shaft.

How do you sell fields in fs17?

1. Mod will allow you in Farming Simulator 2017 to sell and buy the field without deliberation, not close to the selected points of the field. With the help of the key, you can select the next / previous field for purchase or sale, open the sales manager.

How do you sell equipment on Farming Simulator 17?

If you want to sell a machine, you can do it remotely. Select the store and choose Garage in the lower part of the screen. It’s obvious that the selling price will be much lower that the buying one.

Where do you put wheat in Farming Simulator 2019?

Harvested wheat can be stored in tipper trailers or offloaded into the silo at the farm.

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How can I sell my crops?

9 Tips For Selling Your Crops At Farmer’s Markets

  1. Find a partner.
  2. Talk with customers.
  3. Display easy-to-read signs.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Charge fair prices.
  6. Have a signup sheet to get customer’s email addresses, so you can stay in touch.
  7. Keep your money safe.
  8. Boost your sales by accepting debit and credit cards.

Where do you sell barley in Farming Simulator 2017?

Harvested Barley can be stored in Tipper Trailers or offloaded into the Silo at the farm. It can be sold in a variety of locations on each map, for a variable price that depends on current market forces.

How do you sell stuff on farm simulator?

Behind a shop you can find a zone where you can sell, repair and modify vehicles. Move any of your vehicles/machinery on the yellow circle. This opens the menu where you can, i.e. sell. This is the only way to sell excessive goods.

Can you sell fields in Farming Simulator 2019?

There you can also buy or sell a field or end the lease (it’s free). Important information: Leased fields can be sold in the ingame menu. Therefore you should pay attention to what you sell there.

Can you sell hay bales in Farming Simulator 2017?

You can also sell bales in the round rings inside the cow field, and at the horse barn at field 27.

Where can I sell straw in Farming Simulator 19?

You can sell straw, hay and grass at the livestock barn.

How do you sell Placeables in Farming Simulator 19?

To sell placeables you go to shop “P” (if you are on PC). Then at the bottom of the window click “Garage”. Then scroll along until you see the object and click sell. It will then take you to the screen as if you were placing a placeable and go to the one you want to sell and click on it.

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