Where do you fill the water tank in Farming Simulator?

A Water Tanker is a type of Tanker in Farming Simulator 19 that can only be filled with Water. Water Tankers can be filled in a variety of locations, including Wells, Water Towers and even in open bodies of water.

How do you make manure in Farming Simulator 2013?

In order to produce manure, you have to supply the cows with straw, while slurry is produced by feeding them with grass or with total mixed ration. The slurry is also produced at the biogas plant at the rate of 100 litres of slurry per 1000 litres of your biomass processed.

How do you feed animals in Farming Simulator 2019?

Food and Water Take your water tanker and fill up with the water source you prefer or have on your farm. Then pour the water into the water tanks near the pasture. For food, sheep require grass or hay that can be collected from your own farm, loaded onto a wagon and dropped into the feeder near the pasture.

How do you feed cows in Farming Simulator 2013?

There are a couple different ways you can feed them, such as silage, grass or hay. Feeding them with grass will give you 35% of productivity. Adding straw to the barn will increase productivity to 44% (the straw alone will put productivity to only 10%). A mix of grass, silage and straw raises the productivity to 80%).

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How do you get manure in farming simulator 14?

The manure can be picked up with the Bergmann TSW 4190 S Manure Spreader, and spread over any field as a free substitute to fertilizer.

Do cows need water in fs19?

Cows require water for three of their four functions: Breeding, producing Milk, and producing Slurry. They cannot perform any of these functions without water. They do not require water to produce Manure. Each Cow consumes 80 liters of Water per day, as long as any amount of water is present in their pen.

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