Can you customize the helicopter in vehicle simulator?

In-Game Description The camera position of the helicopter is stuck, and there is no known way that this can be changed.

Can you customize planes in vehicle simulator?

the plane mod shop(. what i call it) is a place that you modify your planes.

Where do you customize helicopters in Legends of car legends?

This Helicopter Pad is on the Customization Garage. You can then add skins to the air vehicles, or colors to it, including rim color and main color. You can also go in top of the car garage if you want to color your plane or heli.

How do you drive a helicopter in Roblox?

Press the “Y” button to start flying the helicopter. Click and move the mouse to aim the helicopter’s blades and fly in a specific direction. Zoom in or out to get a good view of the helicopter. Press the “F” button to fire rockets and the “B” button to drop bombs if your helicopter has weapons.

How do you fly a plane in Roblox Car Simulator 2020?

In order to make your plane take off/lift-off and/or go up/down in altitude, press S to lift up, and W to go down.

Where is the plane dealership in vehicle legends?

The Plane Dealership located in the Airport, beside the Plane Tuner.

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