What do crowns do in Saber simulator?

Crowns are one of the main currencies in Saber Simulator, used to purchase either Auras, Pet Auras or Eggs. Crowns can also be used to purchase more Jumps when jumping to higher islands, or Boss Hits to greater increase your reward when fighting the Boss.

What are the codes for Saber simulator?


Code Input Reward Status
grim +50 Redeemable
prez +200 Redeemable
henrydev +1K Redeemable
erick +300 Redeemable


How do you get free crowns in Saber simulator?

Crowns are a currency in Saber Simulator. They can be used to buy auras from the Crown Shop or buy eggs which hatch into pets. To obtain them you need to either stand on top of the king hill or kill bosses. and pets will help you to earn more crowns.

Who made Saber simulator?

Saber Simulator is a Simulator Roblox game developed by HD Games., first published in September 2019.

What are the codes in brick simulator?

All active Roblox Brick Simulator codes

  • test_code_diamonds: Enter for 50 diamonds.
  • test_code_gold: Enter for 1,000 gold.
  • update7: Enter for a free Cloud pet.
  • update4: Enter for 250 diamonds.
  • 10k4life: Enter for 300 diamonds.
  • diamond100: Enter for 100 diamonds.
  • free_boo_kitty: Enter for a free Black Cat pet.
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What do shiny charms do in Saber simulator?

Charms are used to increase the chance of hatching either a shiny, rainbow or void pet, each egg that the player hatches will use one charm. It is recommended to not purchase charms but feel free to test your luck.

How do you increase your speed in Saber simulator?

Auras are special boosts that boost a player’s walk speed, strength, health, and Coins. Auras can be purchased at the using Crowns at the Crown Shop.

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