How do you pick up hay bales in Farming Simulator?

To collect bales (cubic ones), you can use two machines:

  1. Arcusin ForStack 8.12 – after collecting three bales, unload them wherever you want (vertically). This will make the loading process much easier.
  2. Arcusin FSX 63.72 – can collect up to 16 bales and transport them to any spot.

What do you do with hay bales in Farming Simulator?

Only Round Hay Bales are accepted. The Silage bale can be picked up and ferried to the Biogas Plant, where it can be dropped into one of the Fliegl receptacles (the Silage sale point) using a Front Loader or similar device.

How do I pick up hay bales on Farming Simulator 14?

You’ll need the auto-stacker from the store. Once you have it hook it to a tractor then activate it. On the right side a ramp will drop, just get the bales to hit that ramp and it should automatically pick them up.

How many cows will a round bale feed?

The simple answer is that 6-9 round bales are needed to feed a cow over the winter. That’s one round bale of good quality hay per month.

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Are round bale feeders safe for horses?

Round bale feeder design affected hay waste and economics, but not safety, hay intake or herd weight change during horse feeding. The use of a round – bale feeder, regardless of design, is necessary to avoid the 57% mean hay waste, reduced hay intake, and horse weight loss observed when not utilizing a feeder.

How do you make a round bale last longer?

Tips on feeding round bales Look for tightly rolled bales. Tight bales keep their shape longer, are less susceptible to moisture damage, and have less surface area in contact with the ground. Store round bales indoors or on an elevated surface covered with tarps. Look for tarps designed specifically to store hay.

How do you pick up hay bales in Farming Simulator 16?

To do this, attach a Baler to a Tractor and drive along the field. To collect the Bales, you have to use the Arcusin FS 63-72, an auto-stacker which will pick up your Straw Bales. When you have all the Straw Bales in your Wagon, you may dump them to your Cow Shed as their Fodder.

Can you sell hay bales in Farming Simulator 19?

Bales are one of the elements of farming Simulator 19 game. So, the building in the corner by the entrance, it is a place, where you can sell bales.

Can you wrap straw bales fs19?

In game with the right mod, yes you can.

Can you sell hay bales in Farming Simulator 14?

There are two types of bales, with the player’s farm capable of holding 32 of each. They are automatically sold at a low cost if excess bales were dumped there.

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