How do you kill teacher Yandere?

She is able to kill teachers by spending study points on the Physical Education stat. If she joins the Martial Arts Club, she will be able to automatically kill a teacher.

Can you kill Senpai in Yandere simulator?

Senpai can be killed with any knife.

How do you get rid of blood in Yandere simulator?

Of the August 20th, 2015 Build, when the protagonist is bloody, she must bathe in one of the stools closest to the girls’ locker room. It will take around four seconds to wash off. She can then change into a new uniform.

Who is Senpai’s crush?

Taro Yamada, also known as Senpai, is the love of Ayano Aishi/Ayato Aishi’s life and one of the main characters of Yandere Simulator.

How old is the teacher in Yandere simulator?

Wiki Targeted (Games)

Mida Rana
Occupation Substitute Teacher
Age 23
Persona Strict
Crush Senpai
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How do you join the delinquents in Yandere simulator?

In order to join, her reputation must be -33 or lower, her hair must be dyed blonde, she must currently be using the Tough Persona, and she must have completed the tasks for each delinquent. If all of these requirements are met, Ayano can speak to Umeji about joining the delinquents.

Who has Ayano crush?

The following year, both her parents took a ten-week vacation to America. Some time afterwards, Ayano bumps into Senpai in the hallway and immediately experiences emotions and a sense of completion. She then finds out about his childhood friend, Osana Najimi, who has a crush on him.

Does Senpai die?

Although Senpai was the first antagonist to die, he was the second character to die.

Can Senpai commit suicide?

Senpai is currently the only student who will not commit suicide when bullied. He will transfer to another school, though this still means an effective game over. However, he will not come to school if his reputation is below -150.

How do you restore sanity in Yandere simulator?

In order to restore sanity to normal, Ayano can:

  1. Laugh hysterically.
  2. View pictures of Senpai.
  3. Pass the time with the phone.
  4. Stand in Senpai’s pink aura, though getting noticed will eventually result in a Game Over.
  5. If Ayano is sent to the Counselor’s Office, her sanity is restored.

How do you speed up time in Yandere simulator?

Speed Up Time

  1. To speed up time you can press the ‘+’ and press ‘-‘ to stop speeding up.
  2. or.
  3. You can use yandere ~chans phone to speed up time.
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Where is bleach in Yandere simulator?

Appearance. Bleach bottles are located on the rooftop, bathrooms and in the Gardening Club shed, which is able to be accessed after pickpocketing Uekiya Engeika. The bottles are white with a red, blue and white sticker around them.

Does Senpai have a crush on Yandere Chan?

However, they will never know that they have competition for Senpai. Osana Najimi.

Name Osana Najimi
Crush Senpai
Self-Defense Very Weak

Will Yandere simulator give me a virus?

i had no virus or anything when i download the game on my laptop. I’ve heard no complaints about the safety of the official download, but certain antivirus software will react to it regardless. For what it’s worth, Malwarebytes and Windows Defender never took issue with my download.

Is kokona a rival?

Kokona was a test rival. This event could be used as an opportunity to poison Kokona’s bento. However, since Osana Najimi’s release in the demo, Kokona’s feelings towards Senpai have been removed, as she is not a test rival anymore.

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