How do you get good pets in ice cream simulator?

You can obtain Pet – Pets from the shop in the Pets section from clicking ” Buy as Pet – Pet ” on a pet and also getting the same pet from a tier Gachapon. Since Update 18, you can now make rainbow pets (you have to have 10 of the same pet to make it rainbow) that have stats 10 times better than the original pet.

How many pets do you need to make a rainbow pet in ice cream simulator?

Rainbow Pets have 10 times more stats than normal pets. To make rainbow pets, you need 10 of the same Pet – Pet.

How do you level up pets in ice cream simulator?

Pet Food is a feature that helps your pet to level up fast, depending on how good the pet food is. It cost Gems to buy pet foods from the shop.

What is the code for Ice Cream simulator?

toybag – 10 Super Rebirths. letsgo2019 – 10 Super Rebirths. xmasisover – 5 Super Rebirths. rainbowpets – 10 Super Rebirths.

What do super rebirths do in Ice Cream simulator?

Rebirths are a Feature in Ice Cream Simulator. You use them to unlock new areas, Flavors and Cones. Rebirths increase selling multipliers. It will reset flavors, cones, and coins though it keeps Tokens, Pets, and Gamepasses.

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