How do you cheat in money on American Truck Simulator?

American Truck Simulator Money Cheat – Steps There open the console by pressing ~ or # and type “g_set_time x” (without ” “). As you will see the game will jump to 12:00am (next day), but you will be tired, so you need to rest. You can rest 3 times, and the you can repeat the g_set_time x cheat.

How do I change my ATS money?

Work for ATS and ETS2. Beginning

  1. Navigate to the configuration file and open it with your text editor of choice.
  2. Find and open the “config” file with a notepad.
  3. Change the value in uset g_developer “0” to 1.
  4. Change the value in uset g_console “0” to 1.
  5. Save the file.

How do I get rid of money at ATS?

Re: How to get rid of my money? go to the game and buy it. start the game and sell the accessory, then remove te mod completely.

Is there cheats for American Truck Simulator?

Dealerships are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Result Cheat Code
Teleport to indicated city; press [F9] to teleport your truck goto [city name]
Toggle police penalty g_police [0 or 1]
Toggle traffic g_traffic [0 or 1]
Toggle full screen f_fullscreen [0 or 1]
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Is American Truck Simulator Coming To ps4?

Truck Driver, a truck driving simulator game, is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One Sept. A Steam version of the game will be available Nov. 11.

How do you cheat on ets2?

Cheat Codes

  1. g_police 0 – Off police.
  2. g_police 1 – On police.
  3. g_traffic 0 – Off traffic.
  4. g_traffic 1 – On traffic.
  5. g_set_time xx – If xx=03 then 23+3=tomorrow 02.
  6. g_set_time – Time change.
  7. g_fps – Displays framerate.
  8. g_flyspeed – Free movement speed of the camera.

How do I withdraw money from ets2?

  1. Borrow money from the bank. When you borrow money, you will have to pay interest.
  2. Cancel jobs. When you cancel a job, you get fined £9,600.
  3. Smash your truck up. Smash your truck up; go on a rampage!
  4. Use cheat engine. Use Cheat Engine to reduce the amount of money to the amount you had before.
  5. Mod it.

How do I use cheat engine on XP?

  1. Load up cheat engine (while in-game on the character you want to level) and select cube.exe in the process list (underneath file)
  2. In the value bar on the right enter your current xp and click ‘first scan’
  3. Go into the game and kill something to gain xp.
  4. Enter your new xp into the value bar and select next scan.

How do I change my level in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Click scan there should be 2 or 1 Addresses double click both. then they should appear at the bottom. Change value to what ever you (want not over 200000xp) it may bug the game out. Go back in the game go to world map come out of world map then look at you level.

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