How do you change money on American Truck Simulator?

This guide requires you to unlock the console. Work for ATS and ETS2. Beginning

  1. Navigate to the configuration file and open it with your text editor of choice.
  2. Find and open the “config” file with a notepad.
  3. Change the value in uset g_developer “0” to 1.
  4. Change the value in uset g_console “0” to 1.
  5. Save the file.

How do I get rid of money at ATS?

Re: How to get rid of my money? go to the game and buy it. start the game and sell the accessory, then remove te mod completely.

How do you turn the lights on in American Truck Simulator?

Setting lights Configure them using the quick access ([F4] by default) or the “my truck ” > “cabin modification” menu displayed on the right when the game is paused. You should rather use the low beam ([F4] + [2] by default).

How do you hire drivers in American Truck Simulator?

Employing drivers | Employees American Truck Simulator Guide To employ a driver you must use the main control panel of the game. Click on the job agency icon located in lower right corner. Then click on the hire driver button.

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How do you cheat on ets2?

Cheat Codes

  1. g_police 0 – Off police.
  2. g_police 1 – On police.
  3. g_traffic 0 – Off traffic.
  4. g_traffic 1 – On traffic.
  5. g_set_time xx – If xx=03 then 23+3=tomorrow 02.
  6. g_set_time – Time change.
  7. g_fps – Displays framerate.
  8. g_flyspeed – Free movement speed of the camera.

How do you get the tow truck in American Truck Simulator?

To do it, use the Route Advisor, select a proper tab and press a button ([Enter] by default). The help will automatically take the truck and trailer to the closest city.

How do you increase traffic in American Truck Simulator?

scs file to >Documents > American Truck Sim >Mods. Then launch ATS and on the profile screen click mod manager and activate the mod. If you go into the config file in my documents and look for the line g_traffic (I think) change it from a 1 (default) to 2. It doubles the amount of traffic.

How do I withdraw money from ets2?

  1. Borrow money from the bank. When you borrow money, you will have to pay interest.
  2. Cancel jobs. When you cancel a job, you get fined £9,600.
  3. Smash your truck up. Smash your truck up; go on a rampage!
  4. Use cheat engine. Use Cheat Engine to reduce the amount of money to the amount you had before.
  5. Mod it.

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