What is a simulator cable?

A cable simulator will compensate for differential frequency losses across a length of cable by attenuating signal levels of higher frequencies until they equal signal levels of lower frequencies.

How do I update Flysky FS i6X firmware?

Unlike the FS -i6, which uses UART communication, the FS – i6X uses USB:

  1. Connect the cable and open the System / Firmware update menu on your transmitter. Confirm that you want to enter the firmware update mode.
  2. Open the updater program. You should see the device detected:

How do I connect my Flysky to Pixhawk?

With the FS-iA10B enable S. Bus (FS-i10 transmitter only), connect from the receiver’s S. Bus port to the RC IN on the Pixhawk and you will have all 10 channels. Otherwise you can use PPM SUM on the analog rail of the receiver but you will only get 8 channels.

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