Where do you get ornaments in bee swarm simulator?

Ornaments can be obtained from most quest givers. When the player received an ornament, it would be placed on the Beesmas Tree and you can open presents with them.

How do you get presents in bee swarm 2020?

Ways to obtain:

  1. Quests from Bee Bear.
  2. Buying one from Bee Bear’s Catalog.
  3. Receiving one (from Onett) upon claiming a hive first time during Beesmas 2020.
  4. Small chance of getting one from donating strawberries to the Galentine’s Shrine (Requires “Spirit Bear’s Galentine’s Shrine” Quest to be complete).

Where is the Christmas tree in bee swarm simulator?

The tree is located in front of the Ant Gate.

What is the best code in bee swarm Simulator 2020?

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes (Available)

  • Buzz – 5,000 Honey.
  • Nectar – 5,000 Honey.
  • 38217 – 5x Tickets.
  • Bopmaster – 5x Tickets.
  • Cog – 5x Tickets.
  • Connoisseur – 5x Tickets.
  • Crawlers – 5x Tickets.
  • Roof – 5x Tickets.


Where is the gummy bee egg claim?

The Gummy Bee Egg Claim is a platform located on a ledge near the Ant Challenge and the hives. It can be reached by going through the gap behind the Top Ant Exterminators Leaderboard, or by going on top of the Ant Gate or hives.

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How do I translate a bee swarm?

To obtain a translator, you’ll need to visit science bear and complete all his tasks. For each quest you complete, you’ll be given a translator. Each one you get will be key, too. Without it, you won’t be able to speak to Gifted Bucko Bee, Stick Bug, or Gifted Riley Bee.

How do you summon a windy bee?

A Wild Windy Bee may spawn naturally or from an offering to the Wind Shrine. If the first line of dialogue from offering to the Wind Shrine is “A sudden breeze sweeps the {item} into the sky” a Wild Windy Bee will spawn in a random field.

What is Beesmas?

Beesmas is an annual event that occurs around December through February, and is based off of Christmas. Content tagged with this category aren’t always removed once the event ends, as in the case of Festive Bean, Gingerbread Bear, and Beequips.

What are the bee swarm simulator codes?

Currently Valid Codes

Code Location Reward
Connoisseur (In-game) Clue “Black Bear’s Title” behind the Instant Converter Ticket x5
Crawlers (In-game) Clue “Song Title” on the floor of King Beetle Lair Ticket x5
Nectar BSS Club wall 5,000 Honey
Roof (In-game) On the Red HQ roof near the giant scythe Ticket x5


What are some promo codes for bee swarm Simulator 2021?

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

Code Reward
Nectar Honey x5000
RedMarket Pepper Patch Boosts and Capacity
Roof Tickets x5
SecretProfileCode Ant Pass, Enzyme and Glue Buff, Shocked Bee Jelly


How do I get a free windy bee?

To get the Windy Bee from the Shrine, players must first donate a spirit petal to it. After donating a Spirit petal, any Cloud Vial donated gives the player a chance to obtain a Windy Bee Egg. The player’s chance to obtain the Windy Bee Egg depends on how much Favor the player has with the shrine.

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