What do you do with withered crops in farming simulator 17?

Withered crops will turn grey. If you let your plants stay in the field for too long, they will wither. You can’t do anything with them: the field must be plowed or cultivated and sown.

What to do after harvesting in fs17?

after all fields are harvested, for max yield do this:

  1. fertilize, plow, fertilize, seed, grow stage 1, fertilize, grow stage 2&3, harvest 1st crop.
  2. fertilize, cultivate, fertilize, seed, grow stage 1, fertilize, grow stage 2&3, harvest 2nd crop.

What to do while waiting for crops to grow fs17?

Take care of animals, including mowing, cleaning, retrieving water and selling wool. Trying to get those bales of wool on the trailer seems to take forever. Wish they had an auto-loading/unloading trailer. Cutting down trees that get in the way of mowing and harvesting.

How long does it take for crops to grow in farming simulator 17?

The first growth cycle starts at 6:40am when you start the game. After that the growth cycles are every 5:20 on fast, every 6:40 on normal, or 13:20 on slow. Growth is suspended when you do a mission, so the times will be delayed by however long you spend doing missions.

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What does it mean if your crops are withered?

(of plants etc) to (cause to) fade, dry up, or decay. The plants withered because they had no water; The sun has withered my plants.

How do you fertilize fields in Farming Simulator 19?

Oilseed radish is the cheapest and simplest method of fertilization. Use a seeder to plant the radish. When it grows, use a cultivator (preferably with a seeded) to destroy the radish that will enrich the soil. This method is the cheapest because it only costs you seeds.

Does hay regrow?

Regrowth occurs each spring after winter dormancy, following severe summer droughts or untimely freezes, after forage harvesting or grazing, and, fortunately, after wildfires. This spring, farmers will take inventory of their alfalfa fields, searching for green, growing plants.

Will wheat regrow after cutting?

Regrowth. After breaking winter dormancy in spring, the wheat starts regrowing early. Reich cuts it for hay in early to mid-July, just as the heads are emerging. “Two days after cutting, I can bale the hay,” says Reich.

What comes after sowing?

These activities include loosening the soil, seeding, special watering, moving plants when they grow bigger, and harvesting, among others. The main steps for agricultural practices include preparation of soil, sowing, adding manure and fertilizers, irrigation, harvesting and storage.

What should I plant in Farming Simulator 17?

Crops ( Farming Simulator 17 )

  1. Wheat.
  2. Barley.
  3. Corn.
  4. Canola.
  5. Grass.
  6. Potatoes.
  7. Beets.
  8. Soybeans (new)

What is the most profitable crop in Farming Simulator 17?

  • Barley’s Straw. 209,587. 3.01. 69,630. 4,178. N/A.
  • Canola. 34,864. 3.01. 11,583. 1,050. 12,162.
  • Sunflower. 31,328. 3.01. 10,408. 1,170. 12,177.
  • Soybean. 27,057. 3.01. 8,989. 1,170. 11,955.
  • Corn. 55,419. 3.01. 1,8412. 750. 13,809.
  • Potatoes. 86,965. 1.05. 82,824. 350. 28,988.
  • Beet. 121,784. 1.05. 115,985. 253. 29,344.
  • Silage. 430,555. 3.01. 143,042. 437. 62,509. 402.

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