Can you plant grass in fs17?

Whe you are ready to sow, push the O key until the correct seed is selected, such as grass. Then, sow (or use a worker to sow ). You can even plant multiple crop types on the same field. There is no bug.

How do you plant grass in Farming Simulator?

Grass grows by default on most of the map, between fields. It can also be sown on actual fields using a Seeder, or even with a few models of Cultivators and Weeders. It takes only 300 liters of Seeds to sow a hectare of field with Grass.

Does grass grow back in Farming Simulator 17?

Thanks for that. The roller deletes the grass. So your best bet is to just plant grass around the edges again. If you want planted grass that you have to fertilize then cultivate and plant seed.

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What do you do with grass on farming simulator?

Grass is one of the crops in Farming Simulator 15. Grass grows by default all over the map, and extra patches or meadows can be sown manually. Grass can be cut and collected, to be used as feed for Sheep and Cows or for the production of Silage.

How long does it take grass to grow in fs17?

I think on normal (I play on hard difficulty with the crop growth set to normal cause slow takes too long ) it takes about 6 hours per growth stage, which sounds about right cause it takes 18 hours for grass to fully mature (the three different harvest stages) and 30(?) hours for crops like barley and corn to grow.

How do you plant grass in Farming Simulator 16?

To begin processing Grass, you will need to cut them first with a Mower which you could purchase in the shop. Once you have the Mower, attach it to a tractor and then “activate” the Mower by lowering it to the field of grass. Drive along the meadow with your Mower to cut the Grass.

Does grass regrow in fs19 seasons?

Seasons 19 grass grows back of itself, just like in thestandard version of Farming Simulator 19. Just make sure that you fertilize yourpastures after harvest. If you canstart your first grass harvest early, it’s possible to harvest one more timebefore winter sets in.

How do you make grass into hay in Farming Simulator 2019?

If you mow dry grass (with low humidity), you don’t have to scatter it – just leave it in the sun to start the process of turning it into hay. If, however, the grass was wet, it needs to be scattered. If it starts raining on dry grass, you will have to scatter it, too. If it is dry for a long time, the grass will rot.

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How do you cut grass in Farming Simulator 2019?

KUHN GMD 4411 – you can attach one mower to the front and one to the back of your tractor. They are deployed sideways – you can mow two rows of grass with a small cost and without overloading your vehicle (however, you won’t cut grass in the middle row).

How do you delete a field on Farming Simulator 17?

A Roller is a new type of Implement in Farming Simulator 17 that allows you to delete fields or re-shape them. When a roller is activated and pressed to the ground, it will delete any section of field it touches, turning it into an empty area where nothing can grow.

How do you reset landscape on Farming Simulator 19?

Unfortunately there isn’t a way in-game. If you just want the landscape to go back to the way it was when you started your save the easiest way is to start a new save and copy over the png file with the train height from the new save. It may mess up with your placeables so you may need to sell them and place again.

Where do you sell hay in Farming Simulator 17?

Coldborough Park – sellpoint is at Chantry Farm, right across from the silage pit. You can also sell bales in the round rings inside the cow field, and at the horse barn at field 27.

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