Where are the secret training areas in Super Power training simulator?

The Devil’s Secret Training Area is an area located just behind the global leader boards (see map).

Where is the first grass lawn in superpower training simulator?

First Lawn Located to the right of the waterfall. The First Lawn requires 1M+ Psychic Power to train it, and multiplies your Psychic Power gain by x100.

Where is the map in Super Power training simulator?

Map. ( Please note that this map is not 100% accurate and does not have the Devil’s Secret Training area on it. You can find it in a building with a pumpkin above the front door.)

How much movement speed do you need for 10 ton weights?


Weight Color how much faster you will get Movement Speed
100lbs white 2 times
1 ton yellow 5 times
10 tons cyan 10 times
100 tons red 20 times
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How do you fly faster in super power training simulator?

You can fly faster by getting more jump force. It is usually needed to get to the crystal, the tornado, the psychic temple, and the sun/planets and to use press space while in air (double tap space). It can be turned on/off in settings, or you can set your flight speed in settings.

Where do I train my psychic force in power simulator?

To train Psychic Force, the player must select the [ 3 ] key, or select the symbol in the game similar as shown on the right image, and meditate on a training zone they are able to use. Take note that players must be touching the ground, to meditate.

How do you get a better aura in superpower training simulator?

The aura itself is purely aesthetic, and grants no in-game advantage whatsoever. The aura is divided into two parts, the aura of the Body, and the aura of the Fist. So only training Body Toughness and Fist Strength can “upgrade” your aura.

Are there codes in Super Power training simulator?

Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes (Available) 100M – Redeem code for 180 Minute x2 Power Boost (NEW) 400KFAVORITES – Redeem code for 4,000 Tokens (NEW) space – Redeem code for 5,000 Tokens.

What is Max speed in super power fighting simulator?

Movement Speed is the stat that determines your running speed. It also determines your Teleport distance. ( TP Cap = MS Cap ⋅ 1.5). Movement Speed caps out at 1,000, which is an equivalent of, 5.665M MS.

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How many classes are there in super power fighting simulator?

As of v11. 0, there are 19 different ranks, spanning from 0 to 100 QiVg total power.

How do you get a scythe in super power simulator?

Currently the most OP weapon in the game Unlock the scythe for doing FIFTY of the Reapers quests. As you upgrade the scythe, it will start to follow players, like a homing missile.

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