Where are the goat statues in goat simulator?

Goat Simulator – How to Find All 31 Goat Statues

  1. Close to where you spawn, in the small tower with the spiral stairs.
  2. Continue going up the same spiral stairs and into the top level cubbyhole.
  3. Close to your spawn again.
  4. Close to your spawn again.
  5. Launch yourself off of this small building by jumping into the vent on the roof.

Where is Goatville in goat simulator?

GoatVille, referred to when opening custom games like the Classic Map, is a configuration of Goat Simulator. It is a village located between the wider municipalities of Him Len and Helvete.

How do you get all the goats in goat simulator Goatville?

How To Unlock All Goatville Goats

  1. Ripped Goat – to unlock, find three trophies in Goatville.
  2. Tall Goat – to unlock, find five trophies in Goatville.
  3. Pitch Stuff/Pitching Machine Goat – to unlock, find six trophies in Goatville (Special Skill: this goat shoots baseballs)

How do you unlock classy goat?

Unlock Requirement Collect 10 Goat City Bay trophies.

How do I get the Helicopterkin goat?

After collecting the trophies 1-5, you´ll unlock the Magical Headbutt Goat, after collecting 6-10 you´ll unlock the Hogtie Goat, after collecting 11-15 you`ll unlock the Scale Goat and finally after collecting 16-20 you`ll unlock the Helicopterkin Goat.

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How do you get high in GoatVille?

GoatVille High is a map exclusive to the mobile version of Goat Simulator. Goatville high can be accessed by getting into one of the school busses found around GoatVille and Goat City Bay.

How do I unlock shopping goat?

Unlock Requirement Collect 20 Goat City Bay trophies.

How do you unlock robot goat?

This is a reference to Coffee Stain’s popular game Sanctum. G-2 can be found in the shipping container held by the crane in GoatVille, and is one of the items sacrificed at the Pentagram to unlock Robot Goat.

Where is the sugar house in goat simulator?

The Sugar House is a location in Goat City Bay. It is a light pink house in the Residential Area with a pool filled with water and a carport. It has its own background music that plays when you approach. Only two rooms in the house can be entered.

How do you get the golden goats in goat simulator?

Location: You need to climb up a hill near the Low Gravity Centre and it will be right next to a large hole. Location: You’ll see a large boulder near the Garden Party with the Golden Goat right behind it. Push it out of the way and grab the Golden Goat.

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