Is the PMP exam simulator worth it?

If you do the PMP Exam Simulator, read the Agile Practice Guide from PMI is all you need to pass your test. I attempted the PMP exam 3 times and was about to give up trying. I would highly recommend PM Prepcast to anyone who (just like me) has almost given up on passing their PMP exams. It’s worth every penny.

What is the best CAPM Exam Simulator?

Best CAPM Exam Simulators – 5 Top CAPM Simulators Compared pm- exam –
# Questions 2,307 with the CAPM (PMP) Simulator 450
# ITTO Questions 15,484 with Professor ITTO 200
Total PMP Questions 17,791 650
Price $29 USD $69 USD


Do PMP questions repeat?

Note to all: Critical path questions are repeated with different durations in the exam, so if you solve a question /draw it on the paper, make sure you leave enough space to write over it because you will most likely need it later on with different timings/durations.

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How hard is the PMP exam 2020?

How Hard is the PMP Exam? The fail rate for the PMP exam is actually quite high at an estimated 40-50% for first-time test-takers. There is no specific number of questions that must be answered correctly in order to pass the PMP exam.

How many hours should I study for PMP?

Most guides, courses and training providers recommend that studying may take from 60 to 120 hours. Calculating an average of 3- hour study sessions, this adds up to 1 full month if you study at least 5 times a week (60 hours ), and up to 2 – 3 months.

What is the best PMP Exam Simulator 2021?

The Best PMP Exam Simulators for 2021

  • Summary of features.
  • PM Exam Simulator.
  • PM Fast Track.
  • Master of Project Academy Simulator.
  • BrainBOK Exam Simulator.
  • Simulator buying tips.
  • Conclusion.

Can you pass CAPM without studying?

The CAPM exam is based around PMI’s framework, which makes studying for it relatively simple. So long as you follow the right study material, and memorize enough information, passing the CAPM is doable. However, PMI does not publish their pass /fail rates, which makes it slightly more difficult to prepare for.

What score do you need to pass the CAPM?

CAPM certificate exam does not have any fixed passing marks. However, it is believed that 61% will guarantee your success. Although it is not confirmed, which is why you should aim for 70%. It is said that having 61% of marks can help you clear your CAPM exam.

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What is the CAPM exam like?

The CAPM exam consists of 150 – multiple choice questions conducted on a computer at a Prometric testing center. The test starts with a 15-minute tutorial followed by three hours to complete the exam. Included in the 150 questions are 15 pretest questions that are not graded and are used for future exam purposes.

What happens if you fail PMP 3 times?

If you fail the examination three times within your one-year eligibility period, you must wait one year from the date of the last examination you took to reapply for the certification. However, after failing a certification examination three times, candidates may opt to apply for any other PMI certification.

Is PMP exam really that hard?

The Project Management Professional ( PMP ) exam is hard. Consequently, first-time test takers should also be advised that the PMP certification exam is extremely difficult. The exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions in a period of only four hours.

Why did I fail PMP?

1: You lack understanding of the PMP exam concepts Perhaps the reason for failing the exam 3 times is simply that you don’t understand the concepts in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOKĀ® Guide) or they did not sink in properly.

Is PMP still in demand?

There is a growing demand for project managers throughout the world. As a matter of fact, many corporations are training their employees for PMP certification. This information is leading to increased need and demand for proficient and skilled managers.

What is the PMP pass rate?

Then in 2 months time period, they revised the PMP passing score from 80.6% to 60.6% and it was last published PMP passing score. It means that PMP aspirants need to answer 106 or more out of 175 questions correctly.

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Why is PMP so hard?

TL;DR – Yes, the PMP exam is hard because it is looking for a specific answer to a question when the real answer depends on the nuances of the situation and context. You need supplemental study content in order to apply all the vocabulary and concepts to be able to know the right answer to all those what if questions.

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