How do you sell milk on Farming Simulator 15?

In Farming Simulator 15, the process of milking cows is entirely automated, as is the process of collecting and selling the milk. All the player has to do is to invest money in purchasing the cows, and to provide some level of care to those cows in order to produce enough milk to make a profit.

How can I sell my milk?

5 Ways to Market Your Raw Milk —Quietly

  1. To Sell or Not to Sell? The economic woes of large-scale, conventional dairies are often in the news.
  2. Word of Mouth. Person-to-person communication is the most powerful tool in advertising the sale of raw milk.
  3. Join Organizations.
  4. Promote Other Products.
  5. Talk to Your Customers.
  6. Talk to Other Raw- Milk Producers.

How many cows can you have in Farming Simulator 17?

The Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 will hold 6 cows, while the more expensive Michieletto AM19 will hold 14. The game will not render all of your cows, so do not expect to see the full number of cows in the cow area. Each Cow has an upkeep cost of $40 per day.

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Where do I sell milk in Farming Simulator 19?

Milk can be sold at any Sale Point that accepts Crops. There are multiple such Sale Points on each map provided with the base game. To sell Milk, simply bring the Water Tanker to the sale point and dump the Milk in the appropriate area. You will receive money for every liter you sell.

How do you get milk in Farming Simulator 16?

To make milk, you will have simply have to feed them. They can be fed either with simple grass, hay, straw, hay and straw bales, and even a combination of everything. Their productivity increases when you feed them more hay or straw bales.

What is power food in Farming Simulator 2017?

Creating Power Food The primary function of a Mixer Wagon is to create Power Food. This is a type of food for Cows that significantly increases their productivity. The only way to create this material is with the use of a Mixer Wagon – there are no other tools that can do this.

Who is the target market for milk?

It is a movement in favour of having at least three daily servings of dairy products. Target audience: end consumers, the main household shopper (mainly families with children) medical practitioners and the media.

Is dairy business profitable?

For us, dairy farming is definitely profitable and worth a go. Since inception, we at, believe and recommend that the milk business can be profitable right from the start. To succeed in any business, at first, we need to note down all income & expenses to measure the profitability.

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How do you market Dairy Milk?

You will find the following:

  1. Determine the diet that your target audience is following.
  2. Research the portion sizes you will be advertising to your customers.
  3. Research the value of the dairy product for your target audience.
  4. Create a series of advertisements by using the different dairy products that are in the market.

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