Where are the blueberry tokens in bee swarm simulator?

Farming in the Blue Flower Field, Bamboo Field, Cactus Field, or Pine Tree Forest. From using the Blueberry Dispenser inside the Blue HQ. As a reward from the Ant Challenge.

How do you get tokens in bee swarm simulator?

Token Link will pick up personal tokens, including Honey Gift tokens generated from Honey and Diamond Bees, treats from Fetch, honey from Impale, tokens from Festive Gift, tokens from Cub Buddy, tokens from defeated mobs, and of course, boost tokens generated by any of the bees with that ability.

What is the fastest way to get blue extract in bee swarm simulator?

Ways to Obtain. Crafting it from the Blender for 50 blueberries and 10 royal jellies. Purchasing certain packs in the Robux Shop. Completing Gifted Bucko Bee’s quests will always reward one blue extract.

How do I get gumdrop tokens?

Ways to Obtain Gumdrops

  1. Spending tickets at the Gumdrop Shop (3 gumdrops per ticket).
  2. As a drop from certain mobs.
  3. Farming in the Stump Field.
  4. As a drop from leaves in the Stump Field.
  5. Popping a gummy sprout or a festive sprout.
  6. Crafting them in the Blender for 3 blueberries, strawberries, and pineapples.
  7. As a reward for completing quests.
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What is demon bees favorite food?

Demon Bee’s favorite type of treat is pineapples. Demon Bee likes the Mushroom Field, Strawberry Field, Rose Field, and Spider Field.

What is Lion bee favorite treat?

Lion Bee’s favorite type of treat is pineapples. Lion Bee likes the Ant Field and the Pineapple Patch.

How do you increase Bee ability rate?

Bee Ability Rate It can be boosted with amulets, Dandelion Field’s Market Boost, or with certain items.

How do I get honey tokens?

Using bees and flowers are the easiest and most common methods of collecting Honey Tokens. Using bees, players will grind hives with Honey Bees in them to receive Honey Tokens.

What is the best mask in bee swarm?

Shy bees are great for gummy mask or demon mask but they are useless for diamond. To get the most out of your bees, choose the appropriate mask. I voted Demon accidentally, oof. But both Gummy and Diamond are great, which one is better for honey depends, honestly.

How do you get the fastest bee swarm extract?

Ways to Obtain

  1. Crafting it from the Blender for 50 strawberries and 10 royal jellies.
  2. Redeeming certain valid codes:
  3. Purchasing certain packs in the Robux Shop.
  4. Completing Gifted Riley Bee’s quests will always reward one red extract.
  5. Black Bear gives red extracts on the following quests:

Where is the Bucko Bee translator?

Gifted Bucko Bee is located on the second floor of the Blue HQ, in between the Top Bucko Bee Helpers and the Daily Top Blue Collectors leaderboards. The player cannot start receiving and completing its quests without a translator, which is given by Science Bear three times.

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How do I get goo fast?

Combining field boosts is good when you want to get a lot of goo fast. You can also try to be nice to a player with a gummy mask and ask them to help you out by being on the same field as you, preferably one where you have a boost. I have helped some players to get goo that way.

Can you buy tickets in bee swarm simulator?

The player can buy tickets from the Ticket Shop, located outside the Mountain Top Shop.

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