How do you get the ex hoc mundo badge in vehicle simulator?

In order to get the badge, you must first ensure that they have acquired the three Domini, which can be found in secret locations around the map. After choosing a server to complete the quest on, players must first get the Virgam Pascha Ovo, regardless if they already have it in their inventory*.

What does the Dominus do in vehicle simulator?

Domini (singular form: Dominus ) are special inventory items which can be obtained from secret locations around the map. All of them are free and are also required in order for players to be able to complete the Ex Hoc Mundo Quest.

Where is the lost island in vehicle simulator?

Get to the Dock (the sunken ship next to airport) and check if you could see the island. 3. Take off (fly up or else the vehicle would explode upon touching the island border)and reach there. 4.

Where is the radio tower in vehicle simulator?

The Radio Tower is a large tower located behind the Bloxywood sign and above The Tunnel.

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