What is the ace badge in bee swarm simulator?

Bamboo Badges

Badge Requirements Reward
Hotshot Collect 2.5 Million Pollen. +10% Blue Pollen 10x Tickets
Ace Collect 25 Million Pollen. +15% Blue Pollen 15x Tickets
Master Collect 250 Million Pollen. +20% Blue Pollen 25x Tickets
Grandmaster Collect 5 Billion Pollen. +25% Blue Pollen


How do I get the goo badge bee swarm?

To collect goo, collect pollen as usual (with tools, bees, and/or their ability tokens) from flowers that are covered in goo. Unlike ability tokens, goo can be freely shared with other players.

What is behind the Ace badge shop in bee swarm simulator?

Behind it, the player will discover another shop. This shop sells the Honeycomb Belt, Crimson Guard, Cobalt Guard, and Honey Mask, which appear to be hanging inside of a large honeycomb. In front of the honeycomb, there is another star jelly token.

What are the chances of getting a gifted bee in bee swarm simulator?

Every time the player uses a royal jelly or hatches an egg, they have a 0.4% (1 in 250) chance to get a gifted bee.

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What does a star jelly do in bee swarm?

Star Jelly. In-game icon of a Star Jelly. Star jellies will randomly turn any bee into a gifted bee with the same rarity chances as normal royal jelly.

What is the fastest way to get royal jelly in bee swarm simulator?

how do you get royal jelly FAST | Fandom. Royal jelly dispenser (use honey not tickets) ant challenge, king beetle and Tunnel bear. Just kill many mobs and farm. or get tickets and obtain sprouts, they got royal jelly. and in Star Hall they got a free royal jelly dispenser.

How do I translate a bee swarm?

To obtain a translator, you’ll need to visit science bear and complete all his tasks. For each quest you complete, you’ll be given a translator. Each one you get will be key, too. Without it, you won’t be able to speak to Gifted Bucko Bee, Stick Bug, or Gifted Riley Bee.

How do you get enzyme bees swarm?

Ways to Obtain

  1. Crafting it from the Blender for 50 pineapples and 10 royal jellies.
  2. Redeeming certain valid codes:
  3. It can sometimes spawn in the Dandelion Field, Pineapple Patch, and the Spider Field in place of a honey token when collecting pollen.
  4. As a rare drop from leaves in the Pineapple Patch or Spider Field.

What are all the codes for bee swarm simulator?

Our Bee Swarm Simulator codes are a great way to earn free in-game rewards like boosts, items, and other free stuff. Bee Swarm Simulator Codes.

Code Reward
Roof Tickets x5
SecretProfileCode Ant Pass, Enzyme and Glue Buff, Shocked Bee Jelly
Sure Honey x2500, Dandelion Field Boost
Teespring Bamboo Field Boost, Winds, and Marshmallow Bee
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34 2

Can you get a gifted basic bee from a star egg?

Basic Bee can only be obtained from basic eggs, star eggs, and the Basic Bee jelly, which is now unobtainable. The chances of getting a Gifted Basic Bee from sunflower seeds is 1 in 12,000.

What happens if you give a royal jelly to a gifted bee?

if you royal jelly a gifted bee, it will have a 1/250 chance of becoming a gifted bee again. Non- gifted bees also have a 1/250 chance of becoming a gifted bee.

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