How do you train jump force fast in super power training simulator?

Tips. Similarly to speed, you can use weights to increase jump power faster. The weights are unlocked in the 6th Main Quest.

Where do you train jump power in superpower training simulator?

A good place to train jump force is the cracks in the Volcano, because of the limited height of the area you can jump faster, giving you more jump force.

How much movement speed do you need for 10 ton weights?


Weight Color how much faster you will get Movement Speed
100lbs white 2 times
1 ton yellow 5 times
10 tons cyan 10 times
100 tons red 20 times

Where do I train my psychic force in power simulator?

To train Psychic Force, the player must select the [ 3 ] key, or select the symbol in the game similar as shown on the right image, and meditate on a training zone they are able to use. Take note that players must be touching the ground, to meditate.

Where is the secret training area in Super Power training simulator?

The Devil’s Secret Training Area is an area located just behind the global leader boards (see map).

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How do you train your fist strength in Roblox?

Fist Strength affects the following skills: Punch, Energy Sphere Punch, and Bullet Punch. You can increase your Fist Strength faster by punching any one of the following:

  1. The Rock – (x10) Located next to the Safe Zone.
  2. The Crystal – Requires the Ability to Fly: (x100) Located above the Tornado on the cloud.

What is the max speed in super power fighting simulator?

Movement Speed is the stat that determines your running speed. It also determines your Teleport distance. ( TP Cap = MS Cap ⋅ 1.5). Movement Speed caps out at 1,000, which is an equivalent of, 5.665M MS.

How much speed do you need in super power training simulator?

You can only training Fist Strength and Psychic Power. The flight stat stops increasing after reaching 1000 flight speed. In order to get max flight speed you need at least 600K Jump Force.

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