Will there be a Euro Truck Simulator 3?

There will be no ETS3, according to SCSsoftware. They will just keep updating the game itself and expanding it with DLC’s. It’ ll probably be a while, but the new game will happen eventually.

Where is the ETS2 mod folder?

Browse to “My Documents Euro Truck Simulator 2 ” Browse to ” mod ” – create the folder if it does not exist. Place the “. scs” files into this folder (not a subfolder, ie: “My Documents Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod modfile.

Why is Euro Truck Simulator so popular?

Because it is actually pretty good. It’s a very relaxing game with a good sentiment of progression. Come home after work, put on some music, load up euro truck and enjoy your ride.

What is the best truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2?

Guide To The Absolute Best Trucks In ETS2

01 Volvo FH16 1,400 L
02 Volvo FH 1,400 L
03 Mercedes-Benz New Actros 1,400 L
04 Scania R 2009 1,400 L


Is Euro Truck Simulator 2 on PS4?

Euro Truck Simulator PS4? As of August 2019, there is no evidence that ETS2 is coming to PS4. This is despite of fan petitions and the developer SCS Software once stating that it’s not ruling out a console port.

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Does Euro Truck Simulator have cars?

ETS2: Scout cars Euro Truck 2 Guide The multiplayer mode added a new “Scout” car (only one version, available in almost all car dealers for about 40,000-50,000 Euros). They are available on almost all servers. Thanks to them you can discover new cities fast, serve as a navigator for convoys or simply ” drive around”.

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