Can you get banned from tuber simulator?

People who cheat on Tuber Simulator are automatically removed from some of the game’s funniest functions. We do not ban them.

What are subscribers in tuber simulator?

Subscribers are a mechanic that you get through making videos and can get from the Sponsor Eagle. Unlike views, which are generated during making a video, they are gained at the end of that video process (after the time to create finishes). Getting them increases the players subscriber count.

How do I get my old PewDiePie tuber simulator account back?

Start the game, then press the green Recover button on the opening screen. Make sure you know where you account was linked to, and select the appropriate recover method; Game Center, Facebook, or Google Play.

How do you get better at tuber simulator?

Leveling Up Your Video Stats Gets You Brains – Buying items is the best way to get your video stats up. Each time you get a new level in a video stat you will get more Brains and Bux. I try to keep mine varied so when new trending videos come up I can get more views from them as well.

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Is tuber simulator still relevant?

The immediate and perceptive response saw PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator continue from an overnight success to retain millions of players and Outerminds and GameSparks have since dealt with loads of over half a million CCUs, generating more than 5 billion API requests.

How long does it take to hatch an egg in tuber simulator?

One day you should come onto the game and see a symbol above the egg which means it’s ready to hatch! You need to tap the symbol and then keep tapping to break your egg open!

How do you get a sub in tuber simulator?

Having enough followers could help you unlock upgrades that will increase the number of followers you get per upgrade purchased. There’s also the Subs+ upgrade, which is available per genre, and the Stream Subs upgrade; these two allow you to earn more subscribers.

Who has the most subs in tuber simulator?

(Felix Kjellberg) and his 54-million-strong Bro Army. The mobile game in question: PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator. From Montreal-based Outerminds, Tuber Simulator is actually their second game featuring PewDiePie, YouTube’s most subscribed user.

How do I recover my tuber simulator account?

If no account was linked, there is no account to recover. Before starting the recuperation process, I advise you close all your other apps. Also, make sure your device is linked to your Google Play or Game Center account and that you have a strong and stable Internet connection.

How do you sign up for PewDiePie tuber simulator?

If you go to the Friends icon and create an account (it requires logging in with Game Center and creating a channel name) you will be able to add friends. If you don’t have any friends, just type in the name of PewDiePie for starters under the “Connect with Friends” option.

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How do you save in tuber simulator?

Make sure you ‘Quit to Title Screen’ via the option wheel so that your progress is saved, otherwise, the auto- save saves every 15 minutes or so. Also, make sure you play online once in a while to update your online account.

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